Cell structure & cell processes

Elyce Rhodes

The different organelles

The different organelles that are found in a cell are the following nucleus,cytoplasm,The cell membrane, ribosome,endoplasmic reticulum and many more.

The functions

There are many different functions in each and every single organelle. Golgie apparatus functions by modifying, sorting proteins and transporting lipids around the cells. The cytoplasm fills a cell with fluid. The cell membrane controls the movement of things entering and exiting out. Ribosomes makes protein. Endoplasmic reticulum has many functions including folding protein molecules and transporting proteins. Lysosomes involved in digestion and waste.

Top four hypothesis

Hypothesis: lysosomes

*Clogged up your system*

Hypothesis: nucleus

*we wouldn't be interested in doing any activities*

Hypothesis: Mitochondria

*We wouldn't be having any energy to do anything*

Hypothesis: vesicles

*We would be able to use the restroom.*

What if that organelle disappeared?

If mitochondria disappeared magically we would not have any energy. We wouldn't be able to hang out with friends. I'll be down all the time. There wouldn't be walking or taking a jog because you don't have the energy for that.

If lysosomes disappeared magically we wouldn't be able to waste whatever we ate. We would be very sick in the inside because we are not letting go of that waste. Wasting isn't the only thing that's a problem,digesting is too. Digesting your food gives you your daily protien in a way.

Will they be able to function?

They would not be able to function because the things we need aren't there.

Will the plant or animal still be alive?

The animal would still be alive. The animal would still be alive because we still keep functioning

If one of the cell parts went missing ?

If one of the cell parts went missing the system will mess up and it would not function right. It wouldn't fiction right because we are missing the things that make a whole.


In conclusion know you kno the cell structure and cell processes.