Notes from Nurse Siniard

Madison City First Class PreK

Alabama Blue Cards/Immunization Records

Hard copies of each child's Immunization Certificate is required to be on file at the School building. (The certificate may be blue or white.)

Parents are to bring a current (date not expired) Immunization of Certificate (COI) to Open House on Monday, August 2nd 3:00-6:00.

*Madison City Schools policy:

Attention Parents of New Students: Your child(ren)'s REGISTRATION is NOT COMPLETE until you bring A HARD COPY of the Certificate of Immunization (COI) to the school. Uploading a copy is NOT sufficient! We do not print COI from ImmPRINT. You must get the COI from your child's doctor, clinic, or health department.

The scanned copy is acceptable for online registration only. A printed copy--not a copy of a picture of the Immunization Certificate--is required for the student's folder.

The Hard copy must have the center watermark, child's name, expiration date at the heading "Immprint" (See Example)

Individual Health Plans

For some, not all, health issues, ex: Asthma-requiring medication, Seizure, Food Allergies-requiring an EpiPen, and Diabetes, I will need a parent to come in and complete an Individual Healthcare Plan (IHP.)

I ask that you contact me and set up a time to do so. Email me at to schedule a time for this. We will also complete the IHP at that time (plan on at least 30 mins.)

Daily Medications

If your student will require medication for use during school hours, please have student's doctor complete the attached PPA form. I cannot accept "use as directed" from the doctor. A reason for the medication use must be stated on the PPA also. You will bring this form and the medication (in the medication box or bottle from the pharmacy) to school and sign the med in with the school nurse.

I ask that you contact me and set up a time to do so. Email me at to schedule a time for this. We will also complete the IHP at that time (plan on at least 30 mins.)

FOR AFTER SCHOOL CARE students at Rainbow: You will need a separate PPA and medication to signed in there for use during Afterschool care hours. Rainbow PreK classes will contact the Rainbow school nurse to sign in meds there.

Food Allergies

If student has a food allergy or intolerance, please have student's doctor complete the attached Diet Rx form. This is required by the State Dept, especially for the cafeteria to substitute milk.

Be sure to also let the classroom teacher know as well.

Religious Dietary Restrictions

For religious food restrictions, please provide the school nurse with a letter from your local religious leader.

Peanut Aware School

The PreK Center is PEANUT AWARE, not peanut free meaning that we ask that parents to consider peanut/nut alternatives for lunch and snacks because we do have peanut/nut allergic students. Students are allowed to bring peanut/nut food items in their lunch and for snack. If you have questions about lunch/snack, contact your student's teacher. The cafeteria does not serve peanut or nut containing foods. Please let the teacher know of any food issues in addition to the school nurse.

Guidelines for Illness

Please follow these guidelines for students:

  1. If they are sick, please keep them home; even if he/she was sick the night before.
  2. Address any symptoms or concerns with your child’s doctor, before sending you child to school.
  3. Do not give your child fever reducing medication before sending them to school. This only covers up the symptoms, they could still be contagious!
  4. In the event that your child becomes sick at school:
  • Please make sure that we can contact you immediately.
  • Plan ahead, have a back-up emergency contact who can pick up your child if you cannot come to pick them up within the hour.
  • Make sure that you have given us emergency contact numbers which are up-to date.

How to know when to keep a child home.

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District Health Services Page

Follow this link to the MCS District website for health services and updates from District Nurse Bonnie.

Nurse Siniard

I am the PreK nurse and clerical aid. It is a wonderful job!!! I have been with Madison City Schools since 2018. I previously worked 6 years as a school nurse for Huntsville City Schools. The safety and well-being of our students are my main concerns. I look forward to a great year!!