Its a girl! come to our baby shower

Adoption information about my little miracle

We gave our little baby girl the name of neon. Her cute little nickname or chemical symbol is Ne. Our little bundle of joy has the atomic mass of 20.179 amu, and the atomic number of 10. Our little girl isn't a solid, but is unique shes a gas. Our sweetie has 3 toys , or as the doctor says 3 stable isotopes. Little neon is a nonmetal and lives in the period 2 and shes also stays in the group or family 18. Her family name is noble gas. Some of her baby friends are helium, argon, krypton, xenon, and radon. Some things that our baby is in is lighting, lasers and old TV tubes. Our baby's melting point is -248.6 C, and her boiling point is -246.1 C. Ne doesn't have any radioactivity or reactivity. The people at the adoption center were very generous and let us take neon off their hands for only $33.00 per 100 grams. The father or founder as the say it is Sir William Ramsay. The origin name for her is from the Greek word neos meaning new. Our baby is colorless and odorless. Come and join us for the celebration for the new member of the family Neon.

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