President Jackson

Love Him or Hate Him?

Jackson Kills The National Bank

President Jackson did not agree to install the second national bank. He disliked the bank because he believed it was just going to be for the rich. Jackson was an average man, as far as money goes anyways. That being said, he believed in rights for the common man as well.

Indian Removal Act

President Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act. This act allowed people to relocate natives from their homes on a 1 thousand mile long trail called the Trail Of Tears. Often, people would move them for the value of the land that they lived on. They were also moved if they got in the way of expansion.

The Spoils System

President Jackson was elected president and proceeded to get his own co-workers and staff in the white house. This is called the spoils system. The spoils system allows the government to use people they want while they are in office. This rule is still in effect today.

Political Cartoon

This cartoon displays President Jackson fighting off heads symbolizing him vetoing and denying bills and laws. The heads represent congress.
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Letter to the Editor (from Cherokee-negative)

Dear Editor,

I dislike President Jackson. He forced us out of our homes for the land that we lived on. Even though we have lived here for a much longer time than they have. They made us leave no questions asked. We packed up and left, we left many belongings behind. They paid no attention to our belongings and gathered us up. We were forced to walk a thousand mile long trail. We were forced into terrible land located near Oklahoma and Alabama. This man is a cold hearted monster with no respect towards us.


The Cherokees

Letter to the Editor (from Soldier-positive)

Dear Editor,

I like President Jackson. He lead us to victory countless times during war. He shaped me to be the man that I currently am. He also taught me many lessons along the way. He has great war tactics and devises great plans for our battles. That is why we have such a good win streak when we fight with President Jackson.