Religions Of Buddhism and Hinduism

By: Alysse Weir-Verdin

Have you ever thought of going to India? well, today might be your lucky day. Take a look in India the old religions of Hinduism and Buddhism. The two religions had a lot of great things in common. Hinduism was a polytheistic religion because they believed in many gods. Buddhism a nontheistic religion.


Hindus believe in the divinity of the four Vedas the worlds most ancient scripture and is equally revealed. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion because they believe in many gods. Hinduism has a cast system based on a persons birth,wealth,or occupation. The cast to wich a person belonged in his/her society. According to hindu teachings, everyone has a soul or atman inside them. The soul holds the persons personality,wich are the qualities that make them who they are. This is called life and rebirth. The process of rebirth is called reincarnation. The main religion of India today is hinduism.


Buddhism is about a man named Sidhartha Gutama, now known as "The Budda", he was born in the sixth centry. It is a nonpolytheistic religion. In Buddhism meditation is a way of peace.Buddhism is one of the worlds major religions in India. Buddhism first went to china during the Han dynasty, but for sometime, there were few buddist in China. Buddhism also influenced many aspects of chinese culture, including art, lititure and archtecture. The golden age of Buddhism came to an end when a Tang empreor launched a campaingn against the religion.

The Camparision Of The Two Religions!

These religions have somthings in common. Like, they are both major religions in India still today. The two religions also do some kind of meditating. They both have a lot to believe in.
Well how did you like it? There was a little bit of this and a little bit of that.Wasn't it cool to learn about how the two religons have some things in common? They are both still famous in India today. So, wich one did you like best?