Wilson Weekly

Week of May 14th, 2018

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Action Items

  • STAAR - It's a busy week of STAAR testing this week (Monday-Wednesday). Please see the STAAR reminders/info below for an updated list of things to remember.
  • EOY Testing - The deadline for EOY assessments has been moved to May 25th. Please be sure all assessment data is entered into AWARE by then.
  • Team Inventories - Information was shared with team leaders on Wednesday about a district-required team inventory. You may access it using the button below. Please be sure it is completed prior to the end of the year.
  • Ignite Conference - The Texas ASCD "Ignite" Conference is June 11th-13th in Irving. If you are interested attending, please email Mary or Cooper by Wednesday.
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Let's support 2 amazing Wilson teachers as they're recognized at next week's Board Meeting!

  • Jennifer Hubble was selected for a GEM (Great Educators Matter) award.
  • Eric Hanson will be celebrated as the Elementary District Teacher of the Year.

The recognitions will begin at 5:30 on Monday the 21st. Feel free to join us!

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Digital Portfolios

A team of district educators and administrators (including Raquel) have been working this semester to create a plan to support the implementation of learner digital portfolios.

They recently decided on Bulb as the tool we'll be using district-wide. Much more information will be coming (info on PD, etc), but feel free to check it out in the meantime. You should receive info soon on your account, and you can begin checking it out!

Important STAAR Info

Reminders for test administrators:

  • For learners with supplemental aids--give the learners their aids before the test begins. You may not tell them they have to use them, and you may not help learners use them or explain them.
  • 3rd grade math--Remember you can read words and phrases, but not entire questions/answers.
  • Please be sure you have your manual. #NoExtras

  • Make sure you have a place prepared for dictionaries (ratio of 1 to 5), blank paper, graph paper, and books for learners to read afterwards.

  • Make sure you remind learners of any strategies you want them to use on FRIDAY. You will not be able to provide these reminders on testing days.

  • Small group testers--make sure you meet your learners and discuss designated supports they will have.

  • Pick up your tub between 7:15 and 7:45 each day.

  • Make sure no learners have water bottles or snacks, including peppermints, near their tests or answer documents at any time.

  • One learner at a time may leave to go to the restroom.

  • Make sure learners do NOT bubble any student information on the answer document. All necessary information is precoded.

  • You (after testing) or the learners (before testing) may complete the form number information on the answer document.

Reminders for K-2 staff:

  • K-2--Make sure your learners do not use the restroom between B and C halls. Also, if you go outside, steer clear of the end of A hall's window as well as B and C hall windows.

  • Please avoid going upstairs and near B and C halls. Walk through the front hall to go to lunch.

All Staff -

  • We will have a closed campus Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Please be sure that parents and volunteers know they will be unable to visit or come for lunch.

  • We'll treat you to lunch on Monday and Tuesday. It's a small way to thank everyone for the flexibility with schedules, etc!
  • Dress - Feel free to wear jeans and a Wilson/CISD shirt on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

  • Specials - There will be no specials on Monday and Tuesday. The gym will be open if you'd like to take your class for a break. For Wednesday - Kinder & 5th will trade Specials times, and Art will be in the Gym.
  • Recess - Please see below for times, and only use the small playground while testing is still going on.

You may go to recess on the small playground (by AHall) if you are not testing. You must stay on the wood chip area. See schedule below. Please only send ½ of the grade level out at a time.

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Week At A Glance


  • STAAR - 3rd/4th Math, 5th Math Re-Takes
  • Lunch Provided!
  • 2nd Field Trip


  • STAAR - 3rd/4th Reading, 5th Reading Re-Takes
  • Lunch Provided!


  • STAAR - 5th Science
  • 3:30 - Special Faculty Meeting - Mr Hunt will be here to speak at 3:30 #BeOnTime


  • Kinder Collaborative Team Time
  • 4th Grade Field Trip
  • Senior Reception - 4:30


  • 4th Collaborative Team Time
  • Spirit Assembly - 2:00