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Our NEW Heart of Gold Incentive!!

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This incentive is going to help you BOOK IN TIGHT, FRONT LOAD YOUR MAY, & SPONSOR!!

********Ideas for booking and front loading May!

Do NOT be afraid to offer a VERY close date. I always offer the two closest dates I have with in the next week to ten days! More than likely they will say "NO" and that is when you can offer a date two weeks from now! We are not planning a wedding, just a fun 90min get together...not party! :)

Hi Mary!! I loved meeting you yesterday at Linda's show! I am so excited for you and your trip to Hawaii!! I know you loved a lot of our summer goodies! How about a fun little "Mimosas and Muffins" next week with your neighbors? A little pre-mother's day shopping!!! I would love to gift you this fun 90 minute style session! We can get you ready for your trip!!! I have April 29th or 30th? Thoughts? xo, Beth

Offer a FUN Mother's day show NEXT WEEK! Everyone has to shop for their MOM, so why not do it over some Brunch and BLING!

Go ahead and just book your own show! Stop thinking and just do it. Guess what, I was going back and forth thinking about it and decided...STOP..I am going for it! Just booked April 30th "" JAVA and JEWELS"" Mother's day Shopping for school moms! Just going or it! What do I have to lose?

Grab a neighbor and have her invite some friends over for "Wine and Cheese Please" next Friday night! Go for it...what can it hurt?

Set up at a SALON or REALTOR's office like ! Great way to help ladies with Mother's day and also meet NEW faces!

Follow up with your customers from the beginning of April!!! Offer a chance for them to have a fun 90min style session!


Send this email out to 10 girls that you would LOVE on your team!

Hey (prospective stylist)!!

I know you may think I’m crazy but we have a HUGE special going on right now and I had to reach out!! I have always thought you would LOVE this opportunity too, and frankly, they have made it INSANELY EASY to succeed, earn more than ever!!

So – they just announced that between now and the end of April new stylists will get an extra $100 in FREE product credit! Oh – and all of this is going on when we are launching our Summer collection – which is seriously the BEST ever!! I am confident that here has NEVER been a better time to jump in on the fun, because you have NOTHING to lose and a lot to gain!!

Check out this video showing “Our Story” and you can see a little more about the amazing women that started this Company, who are certainly the x factor for making us such a special brand!…

The New York Times featured our CEO on the front page, our stylists are experiencing record-breaking earnings & we have an unprecedented press in fashion magazines and on television. Let’s get together and chat about it!! I’m so excited for you! I will call you in a bit so that we can set a time to get together!

Can't wait!!

Don't have their email then share on fb or text!! The MORE you reach out the MORE you will sponsor and with 9 days left of the special this is the time!

What's the Challenge???

***Book one more for APRIL (new show) or FRONT LOAD your May (Shows booked from 1-15th existing shows count) and you will be included in a chance to win
***SPONSOR (with your sponsoring shades on!!) ONE new stylist by the 30th and you will also be entered!

The winner will be chosen April 30th! You must Qualify ($500) your show by May 15th to earn your sunglasses!

*** only IN HOME trunk shows count!

Check out these 3 stylists taking our Marc Jacobs Challenge!

We want ALL of you to JOIN IN Too!! Just check out our PINNED post on our HOG page here! And post YOUR Results too!

XO, Beth