By Lee Hernandez

What is the size of the country's area?

It is a very small nation. It is about 145,925 square miles.

What is the population of Japan?

The population is very large for the small amount of land. Japan has about 128 million citizens. There are approximately 336 people per kilometer.
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How well educated and united is Japan's population?

The education is japan is some of the best in the world. Their students are ranked 9 out of 74 countries in math, 5 out of 74 countries in science, and 8 out of 74 counties in reading.

Japan is very united. Their people are very into their traditions. Technology and video games have brought japan closer.

How large and well-equipped is Japan's armed forces?

It isn't that big of an army with just 225,000 personnel. It is a very advanced military though. They are a big and ready army but they are untested because they haven't had conflict since the defeat in world war 2.
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What are Japan's physical features?

Japan is an island and has small islands surround it. They are anything but flat. 70% of japan is covered in mountains.
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How productive is Japan's economy?

It is going very well. The economy is based of technology. There isn't very much land so not many resources are available. They make up for this loss with the production of some of the most advanced technology in the world.
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