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A hobbit named bilbo lived on the Shire and was approached by a wizard who was named Gandalf and Gandalf offers adventure to Bilbo. Bilbo is a lazy Hobbit and refuses to have anything to do with adventures at all.

Gandalf in descret carves a secret sign on the door.

later, a party of 14 dwarves arrive at Bilbo's hut with a mission. The mission and the song they perform spikes Bilbo's curiosity, and he is off on an journey to look for the huge evil dragon ,Smaug who has stolen the Dwarves' treasure.

in their adventure they battle by trolls and orcs. In the Misty Mountains, Bilbo battles Gollum and acquires the ring.

A great battle happens in which the dragon is defeated, the dwarves their treasure. Thorin blames Bilbo Baggins , later forgives him and admires Bilbo's courage. Thorin dies not in vain but in battle in this novel.

The dragon is defeated, and Bilbo returns home. Bilbo returns home and settles in for a wealthy retirement.


Gandalf the Grey

he is a wizard who has always been friends with the Baggins and lives for a great extent of time. Has a great sense of humor but can be most serious


Dwallin is one of the many dwarfs but i love his reactions and how he is a great solider and i like how he politely says no to the tea and yells for his ale


The theme of the hobbit is to take risks and try something new like an adventure and you may find yourself happier than you'll ever be


"... and this is a story of a Baggins having an adventure" -narrator

"I see fire"- thorin

"i lost my way twice" - Thorin

'what do you mean ,do you mean it is a good morning or it is a good moring whether i want it to be or not "- Gandalf

The ordinary world

Bilbo begins his story doing nothing and he loves to eat ,drink tea ,and be social

Call to Adventure

One day when Bilbo is having a smoke he is approached by Gandalf asking Bilbo to adventure

Refuse to Call

Despite the Tooke part in him itching to go with Gandalf his Baggins blood hates the idea of adventure.

Meeting the mentor

bilbo meets gandalf the grey and he is the mentor who shows up when he is most needed

crossing the threshold

Bilbo crosses the threshold when he decides to pickpocket the trolls and become a thief


The Golden Eagles are one of the many allies that Bilbo does encounter at in the novel who always save them at the most convenient
Gandalf is the mentor to Bilbo and will always be there for him when he knows Bilbo is out of his mind
Thorin is the owner of Thorin & Co and is a brave dwarf who doesnt take any crap from anyone unless he is being respectful


chapter 2

Bilbo is in a pickle when he attempts to take on the task of stealing from 2 trolls and he miserably fails this mission and is almost eaten by the ogre if it was not for Gandalf

chapter 5

it is necessary for Bilbo to get out of the cave by himself and he has to solve "riddles in the dark" as suggested in the name of the chapter and luckily passes the test

chapter 15

fight smaug the horrible dragon that sits in the lonely island



the evil dragon.


a hobbit corrupt by the power of the ring.

the trolls

Bilbos first enemy and they wanted to eat bilbo.

the approach

they cant get in and there is a crack in the wall so they use bilbo

the ordeal

he fights in the battle of five armies and only lived because of the armor thorin provided him with

the reward

he gets plenty of treasure and he has a story they will sing off

the road back

he i nor happy nor sad because Thorin is dead and he has to live with that but he has amazing memories

The Resurrection

he is more brave and wealthy but has lost alot of respect

the elixer

Some may say the elixir was the gold, but is was the experience.