Sound Bender by Theo Baker and Lin

Why you should read it

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I have read it myself

I have read many books, but my favorite would have to be Sound Bender. On goodreads the overall review is 4 whole stars!!! The genre is is sci-fi because the main character Leo has the ability to hear things from the past or sound bend. He is thirteen years old, and he has brown hair. His parents recently died, so he and his brother Hollis have to live with their rich, rude Uncle Crane. In Uncle Crane's house are many valuable old artifacts. Leo finds a mysterious case. When he touches it he hears a melancholy, mournful sound. Leo really wants to know where that sound is coming from, but he can't figure it out. So he does everything he can to find out about it. It turns out to be a dolphin helmet that was used wrongly by the Soviets who don't want anyone finding out about it. He wants to go against his uncle to convince him not to sell it. Will Leo be able to convince his uncle? Find out today by reading Sound Bender.

My favorite part

I have been dying to tell you about my favorite part in the story. My favorite part is when Leo hears one his father's old records. The record really gives you a tug-tug moment at your heart , and helps you feel a special connection with Leo. It makes you feel emotional which gives this book an extra edge compared to other books that I have read.
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People love this book!!!!!

According to goodreads the rating is 4 stars, but most people rate Sound Bender five stars. I recommend this book,and so do a lot of other people on goodreads such as Michele who gave it five stars.
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