Think Before You Act

Don't Do Drugs!

There's 4 ways drugs enter your body

-Orally (mouth)

-Inhale (breathing,snorting,smoking)

-Inject (using a needle)

-Absorb (apply to the skin)

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Ecstasy (Just one little pill can ruin you)

*Clenching and grinding teeth

*Dangerously high body temperature

*Speeds up the body (Stimulants)

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Methamphetamine (Just don't do it)

*Nicknamed "meth"

*Highly addictive

*High body pressure

*Violent behavior

*Speeds up the body (Stimulants)

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Steroids (Drugs are no fun)

*Men may develop breasts

*Women grow facial hair/chest hair

*Both will have "Roid Rage"

*Speeds up the body (Stimulants)

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Heroin (Why start when you know whats going to happen)

*Highly addictive

*May lead to blood clots

*Organ failure

*Numerous diseases

* Is a Narcotic

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GHB (you will never see it coming)



*Tasteless liquid

*Makes you go unconscious

*Is a Depressant (Slows down the body)

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Hallucinogens (PCP, LSD,"Shrooms")

*Can cause you to do things that put your life in danger

*Can cause visual and auditory breakdowns-(Seeing and hearing things that do not really exist)

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