Your "We Can" Weekend Has Arrived!

This one is for all the flags out there


..Not be be confused with "week ending"..

Weekending: To cram as much fun as humanly possible into one weekend.

"Mike and Alexa were weekending so hard Mikes teeth fell out."

"Sally's desire to watch Sleepless in Seattle Saturday prevented her from weekending."

And over the past few weeks we've learned a TON of things we SHOULD be doing on our weekends.

And now random images to recap the last 8 "We Can" Weekends....Some of our best weekends ever.

Don't Bag this weekend....Flag this weekend

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Flag Day

We all know Flag Day is this Sunday. And if you didn't I assume you're reading this in Russia. It's our duty as great American's to get that Flag flying high over the front porch. But there's always that possibility of taking it to the next level....And those of you who do we salute you..just like our flag.

This guy should be the next president

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And His running mate lives inside this house

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And who ever did this is probably insane.

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...Insanely Awesome


There's no such thing as overkill when it comes to hoisting up the Grand Old Flag. After this next picture of my front lawn take an in depth look at how the Red-White & Blue came to be.
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And now that in depth look

Tis my duty

I would not be doing my self-appointed job if I didn't include this Kids Sing-a-long version of "You're a Grand Old Flag."

Learn it

Love it

Live it

You're A Grand Old Flag - Sing-a-long version for kids

Let's Roll

And now it's your turn:

No flag is to big or too small to be flown this weekend. And it is your duty as a great American and phenomenal Weekender to fly such flag proud.

Hang it, salute it , and make your neighbors wish they were as cool as you.

God Bless America.

Long Live The Weekend.