Article BY:Desirae Andersen

short summary

Nora had just been set loose.......She has lost 5 months of her life from a weird case of memory lose. She finally made it home BUT she is still not SAFE. When nora came back she had learned that her mom was dating her worst enemies dad! While at dinner with them two marcie noticed them eating dinner. Moments later marcie and her go to the bathroom to talk. Nora learns that she used to have a boyfriend named patch. later that evening she meet jev(patch). He was very mysterious....She had felt a connection but didnt know what it meant. She began to gain her memory and learn about the fallen angels and  nephilim once again. Then it is like everything came back and now they planned to kill hank miller(marcies dad)

Favorite passage

I tried to sit up,but my arms were a tangle of tubes and medical monitoring equipment."Just tell me what month it is!"I repeated hysterically."september."her crumpled face was unbearable."september sixth." I sank down,blinking."i thought it was april. I cant remember anything past april."

WHY you should read it!!!!

This is a book that is a love novel but it also a action novel.Silence is  my favorite book because it has a lot of emotion put into the words.There is also alot of drama that goes on during this book which will keep you intirged.