A World's Fair Extravaganza

Students at BMS create their own inventions for display.

A BMS World Fair

On october 26th, 2012, a massive group of teenagers in 8th grade gathered to produce a flip on the 1863 World's Fair that you are sure to never forget. Everything you could ever imagine was piled high here and there. You had to practically crane your neck to get a view of the inventions. It was absolutely spectacular! In one corner you could find the inventions of Radios and Aquariums, and right across the room were the inventions of the Roller Coaster and The Machine Gun. The anticipation was high with excitement to see who everyone voted for as their favorite board and invention. The students spent up to two weeks putting their hard work, blood, and sweat into a project of the World's Fair that lasted only a few minutes of an hour. A magical hour none the less. After all that hard work, Madeline Sheedy ad Paola Tavera say "It's like seeing your kid of to college". It was quite remarkable really, that each group had up to 3 people involved in each group working together as one.

Although the inventions were out of this world the line were very crowded , as each person looked in to see what marvelous group had possibly created. What did they see? Each board was pules high with information that you should know about the invention. My favorite boards were easy to pick right from the start. Not even a hesitation! The only difficult part is that once you walk into the library you are handed a slip of paper with categories written on it. The voters job was to look around and find the number on the board of the most creative, most interesting, most informative, and but of course, your favorite board! Everyone sprinted from one end of the room to the other trying to find the boards they wanted to vote for.

The Best Exhibit Yet

Los Pantalones de Levi Strauss

Este exhibicion era creado por Natalie Williams. Natalie ponia tantas factos interesantes y un enorme cantidad de informacion sobre los pantalones Levi's. Su Exhibicion era creado de los Levis tambien! Cada parte de su exhibicion tenia un boton o un pedazo de pantalones. Los pantalones eran creados por Levi Strauss. Levi Strauss era un hombre aleman, de america. Strauss era un hombre de negocios. Abrio un negocio de fabricacion. Aqui abrio su primer negocio de pantalones. Levi nacio en February 26, 1829 y murio en Septiembre 26, 1902, San Francisco. Abrio su franquicia en 1853, el lo llamo Levi Strauss & Co.

Top 5

1: Levi

2: Aquarium

3: Roller coaster

4: Radio

5: Typewriter