Class Etiquette

Ways to make your teacher happy

Using mobile phones in class

Yes, sometimes we will need to use mobile phones in class to complete an online quiz or exit ticket... but they are NOT needed to text your friends or read your emails or check whats app or snap chat or instagram or Facebook or.... Try to use a paper dictionary for vocabulary rather than your phone and stay focussed in class!

Keeping track of your attendance

If you are worried about your attendance, check it online through the portal. How is attendance calculated? Attendance for the 4 class hours is marked thus: on time = present. 5-10 mins late = late. After 10 minutes you are marked as ABSENT. You may still enter the class, but do so quietly and do not disrupt the teacher's presentation or other students.

Other Cambridge First Class Activities


Cambridge First Certificate

Don't forget that this course is to prepare you for your Cambridge First Certificate Exam. Because of this, you are expected to complete all homework tasks and to do your best. Extra homework is set on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Contact your teacher

If you need to contact your teacher, Edmodo is easiest.