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Languages have many forms

A language that results from the morphing of an area's native language and a new language brought by settlers is called a creole. An example of a creole would be the English and French blend spoken in Haiti.

Literary Tradition is a term used when a language is both spoke and written. English and French creole would both be examples of literary traditions.

Chinese and Japanese characters are considered ideograms. Ideograms are a system of writing with the use of symbols representing concepts or ideas, instead of letters representing a sound.

Literary Traditions make it possible to read stories aloud!

Living and Dead Languages

An example of an extinct language would be Gothic, a language spoken in Europe many centuries ago. An extinct language is a language that used to be used by people, but all the speakers have died out.

An isolated language is a language that is not related to any other language or language family. Two examples of isolated languages are Basque and Ainu. Basque and Ainu puzzle linguistics as to where they originated.

Languages are written in many different ways

Language groups

A language branch is a section of languages all related through one base, or ancestral language, that breaks off into different groups. Romance would be a branch of language, stemming off of Latin.

A language group is a group of languages in a branch with a common origin. Romance, Germanic and Balto-Salvic are all examples of language groups in Europe.

Formal and Informal Langauge

Standard language is as form of language used in official documentation, government, education and business. British Received Pronunciation (BPR) is the English form of standard language.

Also like a standard language, a lingua franca is a universally used language in business or trade when native language differs. English is the most widely used lingua franca in business today.

Unlike standard language and lingua francas, vulgar Latin was Latin used in everyday conversation, not used in official documents. Everyday English slang can be compared to vulgar Latin.