Superintendent's Corner

July 22, 2022

Around the SU!

Although many of our schools are quiet during the summer months, there is a lot going on around our SU!

Summer Academy started on July 11th and will run for four weeks. Over 100 students from all four of our schools are attending this summer.

Our maintenance staff members are working hard to prepare our schools for the return of our staff and students.

Staff members are meeting and working on planning integrated units of study to be taught next year.

Craig Locarno and our amazing kitchen staff are preparing Summer Meals. These meals are available for pick up at the Windsor School from 9 - noon while Summer Academy is in session.

Happy summer!

Christine Bourne

Interim Superintendent

Summer Academy in Action!

Windsor School

This year at the Windsor School, students will enjoy eating and learning about the food they eat in a newly renovated kitchen and dining hall!

Weathersfield School

Students from Weathersfield School enjoy attending STEAM Camp at the school this summer.

Albert Bridge School

The social-emotional learning lab at ABS is being expanded.

Hartland Elementary School

The students and staff at Hartland will enjoy a new service line in the kitchen next year. The old line was over 50 years old. The new line will allow for better service and will increase the quality of the food by keeping it warm or cold during service times.

Other Exciting News!


I am pleased to share that we have contracted with Insight Education Group to conduct an Equity Audit for WSESU. The audit will start in August and be completed by the new year. We will be asking a representative group of students, staff, parents, and community members to participate in various parts of the audit. We plan to share the results of the Equity Audit with the community through community forums.