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Week 6 Term 2

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Welcome to the new look Chifley College Bulletin. The new design enables more photos, video, audio, embedded links and releases the restriction of one page whilst saving paper at the same time.

This can be viewed online or downloaded as a PDF and printed if required.

The professional learning page will be published in the format Week B (separately from the Bulletin) and this Bulletin will be published as now at the end of Week A.

Senior Citizens' Morning Tea

For the past seven years, Chifley College has presented a morning tea concert for the Senior Citizens of our community in the Goomberry Centre at Dunheved Campus. This event has given the College the opportunity to showcase the outstanding musical talent of students and their teachers. In the past few years, the number of community members attending the concert has dwindled. However, this year we welcomed over 30 guests to the event and they were treated to both vocal and musical performances as well as a delicious morning tea prepared by Dunheved students.

This event has been led by past College Council President and parent, Linda Murphy. She was supported this year by Glenn Kingsley, from Dunheved Campus who organised a wide range of performances, MCed the event and then performed to wide acclaim. He was followed by Dunheved Principal, Tim Jones, who wowed the crowd with his own compositions and had them rocking in the aisles. Congratulations and thanks need to go to the teachers from across the College who brought their outstanding students to the event.

College Staff Development Day - One Student at One Time, All at Once

Planning is well underway for an outstanding day of professional learning Day 1, Term 3 at Bidwill Campus. Your CDT team has developed an extensive program of courses that will provide you with skills, strategies and resources that you will be able to use the next day in your practice.

In Week 7, your CDT representative will provide you with a program for the day and the instructions of how to apply for each of the 5 sessions. You will select your 5 courses from a range of 70 plus professional learning opportunities through MYPL@Edu. You will need to have made your selection by the end of Week 8.

Be aware that some sessions will run for an hour, two hours and two and a half hours. Some sessions will run twice to provide a wider opportunity of choice. Some sessions are directed at particular roles whilst others are open to all staff.

Teaching staff who will be delivering Phase 1 Australian curriculum (English, Maths, Science and History) will attend dedicated workshops in Session 1 and 2 that have been organised by your KLA Head Teachers. Other staff will have a selection of broader courses during these session times.

For any further information, please contact your CDT representatives:

Eli - Bidwill; Janet - Dunheved; Kerry - Mt Druitt; Trevor - Senior; Gregg - Shalvey

PDHPE Enrichment World No Tobacco Day - Triple AAA Program

PDHPE students from Bidwill, Mt Druitt and Senior Campuses came together at Bidwill to upskill as peer leaders for the Triple AAA Program. This day, sponsored by Kids Quit and the Westmead Childrens Hospital and facilitated by Community Health students from Sydney University was a great success.

The program was established as a result of the high levels of smoking related asthma amongst our students and the high levels of smoking in their households. It has received international attention and will be taken to China later this year. There were high levels of participation and engagement and much laughter across all the activities across the day.

On completion of the workshop, the students were equipped to return to their campuses to lead smoking cessation sessions.

Chifley and UWS 21st Century Learning Skills Action Research Project

This project will involve a self identified, classroom action researched project around 21st Century learning skills. The participating teachers will have an academic partner who will support their research through workshops on the collection and analysis of data, provide support and readings and academic writing throughout their project.

This will be a long term project which will be written up and internationally published - great way to elevate our College at both a national and international levels. There are going to be some serious future conversations around the type of direction of education in NSW in reference to how we assess student learning and how we are preparing our students to take our country into a new world. That conversation will be around those skills that are addressed by 21st Century Learning Skills including collaboration, critical thinking, communication and creativity.

The commitment of the participating teachers will include attending 3 workshops that address data collection, analysis and usage; designing the project and academic writing. The first workshop will run on College Staff Development Day and then the others will run at UWS Kingswood after school.

Staff who wish to participate can come from anywhere in the career continuum but need to be prepared to stay in Chifley for two years. It would be great to have a spread - early career, experienced and executive.

If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact a Deputy Principal in your campus so that you can be enrolled in the first workshop that will run on the College Staff Development Day.

Funding for Enrichment Activities

We have a wonderful array of Enrichment Activities that are supported by staff across the College. These events offer students with the opportunity to extend their knowledge, skills and work in co-operative groups with others from across the College.

These activities are designed at the Head Teacher Planning days which occur in Term One and Term Three. If you have ideas for an enrichment activity that would reach out to students across the College, please speak with your Head Teacher.

The CMG financially supports these Enrichment Activities across the College. The funds are used to pay for resources and materials for the day. Each activity could access up to $300.00.

It was decided by the CMG that these funds were not to be used to provide lunch, morning tea or afternoon tea. Where an activity was directly food related, eg Food Technology workshop, that would be funded under the resources and materials provision.


To Trevor and Brendan - Senior Campus
Winners of 37th Mo Awards
Best Tribute Band

Opening of Workshop Selections for Staff Development Day

Friday, June 14th 2013 at 8am

Online MyPL@Edu

CDT Meeting

Wednesday, June 12th 2013 at 8:30pm

Bidwill Campus

CMG Meeting

Wednesday, June 19th 2013 at 8am

Senior Campus

DP Meeting

Thursday, June 20th 2013 at 8:30am

North Parade

Mount Druitt, NSW

Closing Date for Workshop Selections for Staff Development Day

Friday, June 21st 2013 at 11:45pm

Online MyPL@Edu

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