Mia Michaels Pregnancy Diet

What to eat!

Gestational Diabetes

According to Mayo Clinic it is any degree of glucose intolerance with onset or first recognition during pregnancy.

Common symptoms or problems

Women normally do not have noticeable symptoms.

Foods you should stay away from

you should stay away from high calorie foods, foods high in sugar, and starch.

Food to Eat Eat Eat !!

You should eat foods like fruit, vegtables, dairy, and fish.

Long term effects

Some long term effects would be developing Diabetes later in life, gaining weight, and greater degrees of glucose intolerance during pregnacy.


blood sugar and baby monitoring and healthy foods with exercise. With very high blood sugar medication is needed.

How it is dignosed

It is dignosed by drinking glucose then waiting for your blood sugar to get tested. If your blood sugar is higher then normal you are at risk.