Julia Hurlock

History of Denmark and Geography.

Denmark was never a part of another country. Denmark is located in Northern Europe. It is bordering the Baltic Sea and the Northern Sea. It is on a peninsula north of Germany. Denmark is located on low and flat to gently rolling plains. The natural resources they have are petroleum, natural gas, fish, salt, limestone, chalk, stone gravel and sand.

European Union

Denmark joined the European Union in 1973. It was not a founder of the European Union


Denmark flag

The flag is one of the oldest national flag that is still in use. The flag was adopted in 1219. The red in the flag is for strength courage and fearlessness, and the white in the flag means truth and especially peace.

The capital of Denmark Copenhagen

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Government and Currency

Denmark has a Constitutional Monarchy government. the currency is not a Euro it is a Danish Krone.

Interesting Facts

1. Denmark is run by Margrethe II the queen of Denmark.

2. There are 443 named islands and 76 of them are inhabited.

3. The famous building toys Lego's are from Denmark.