Espar Hydronic can truckers

Ways an Espar Hydronic can help truckers save money

Pinching every penny out of a long-haul run is critical for any trucker trying to make ends meet. When it’s time to make investments that add up to savings over time, a truck heater can make a real difference on runs through regions with colder climates.

An Espar Hydronic heater is an auxiliary device that’s added onto a rig to go along with factory equipment. While this type of heater serves the same purpose of a truck’s onboard device, it goes above and beyond to deliver safety, comfort and, most importantly, money savings along the miles. Unlike a truck’s onboard heater, an auxiliary truck heater can operate without the rig’s engine being turned on. Espar hydronic heaters even pull from their own fuel source, which means the truck’s tank won’t be drained during operation. Here are just of the few ways an Espar Hydronic can help truckers save money:

• Fuel efficiency – Since an add-on truck heater uses its own diesel supply, there’s no need to worry about draining the rig’s tank when a heater needs to run overnight or during long stops for traffic jams or other road hazards. These heaters also run in a highly efficient manner, which means each gallon of gas added is stretched to save operators money.

• Truck efficiency – Keeping on schedule is critical for a trucker’s overall bottom line. Sometimes, however, extra cold conditions make it tough to get started in the mornings on time. When a truck heater is used, a rig can be warmed up in advance and so can its engine compartment. That means there’s no need to worry about false starts on super cold mornings. The Espar Hydronic can help ensure a reliable start.

• Reduced wear and tear – Running an onboard heater long-term for overnight stints in the sleeping compartment, for example, can put a lot of wear and tear on the engine and the onboard heater itself. This wear and tear can end up costing a trucker a fair amount in extra maintenance and repairs.

If it’s time to help make every run more profitable, an Espar Hydronic heater is an excellent purchase to make. These truck heater models enhance efficiency, add comfort and also increase safety. While they will require an upfront investment, it’s cash that can pay off over the miles and actually add up to savings.

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