Forensic scientist

by: Kevin Salgado

Job description

a forensic scientist is a crime evidence picker the person that would take every evidence in a crime seen such as finger prints blood saliva and they work on human bones to find suspects. the salary in Illinois is 70,000 per year. a total of about 40 hours a week of working. you can work with Chicago police


4 year degree of biology or chemistry. communication arts classes or law classes and also some experience of being in a labotory. i can go to northwestern college or argosy university

Skills Required

a forensic talks to a lot of people and need to communicate really good one of the skills will be is getting information and talking to people right. they need to be organized and need to be ready to go in front of people in court session and show the evidence found. good eye sight so you can find a lot of evidence in crime scene

Job outlook

There is a lot job opportunities out there for this career and the salary is really good there in not that much of these forensic scientist out there so there will be a lot of opportunities