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Kindness Counts

This month we have been really focused on kindness and being a kind friend. We have completed numerous random acts of kindness around our school. We have learned that by being kind to others and making them feel good, it makes us feel great on the inside too. Kindness certainly won't stop when December ends. We will continue to practice throughout the rest of the year. It has been heartwarming to witness and to listen to the kindness coming from your children. Thank you at home for being such wonderfully kind models for your children. This is a trait that school alone cannot teach. Kudos to you all! Below please find a little video about kindness.
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A Final Farewell

We were all a little concerned this morning when we arrived to see no elf magic (cough cough gold glitter), no letter, and no Joey. His last few letters have let us know that things up in the North Pole and at Santa's Workshop have been a little chaotic and crazy lately. We began our day in the usual way.

After Art class, we came back to a pile of presents, magic, and another letter. You can read Joey's last letter to us below. It was difficult to read, as I did get a little choked up. His words really rang true. Joey and Santa hand picked books for each kiddo in the Bat Cave and then Joey signed the inside of everyone's books. There also appeared to be an audio version of the books too - so we can read the books and listen to them!! The kiddos were so excited!!

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The Bat Cave....Elf Style


Snack calendars for the new year didn't quite make it into backpacks this afternoon. Please find January's calendar below. I will send a paper copy home in HERO Folders on Monday, January 4th.
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Happy Holidays

I cannot even begin to thank you all enough for your thoughtful gifts, kind words, and warm holiday blessings. I consider myself incredibly lucky to be in the profession that I'm in and to be able to work with kiddos and families like you all is the cherry on top.

May your holidays be happy and bright. I wish you all a safe and loving start to the new year!