Oak Grove January Bulletin

January 11th- 22nd

Principal's Notes

Thank you all for starting the second semester with renewed enthusiasm and commitment to our campus expectations. Our students are ready for you to ask or rather demand more from them. As we met with 5th graders last week, we were glad to hear most of them take responsibility and articulate how they needed to change to increase their success. Many of them also requested things from the adults. Among the request were: let me know when I'm doing doing what I committed to, remind me to ask more questions, help me when I don't understand. Our students want and need us to push them to the limit and support them as they stumble along the way. You are the deciding factor. I've pasted some research below that will hopefully continue to motivate you to provide the very best for all of our students every day.


7:40a.m.-Bring students into the classroom

3:15p.m. Wednesday meeting start time

School visits will not be placed on calendar

Update growth tracker sheets each month with students

January 21st-Literacy Night

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