Protest Against Animal Cruelty

Stop Abuse


One day I just couldn't take it anymore! I was tired of seeing all these animals walking around the streets looking beaten and worn down. This just makes me want to put a mask on and protest, so I went to the part of town where most of the abused animals were at and I walked up and down the streets yelling, "NO MORE ANIMAL CRUELTY!" People have been hurting animals for a long time and I do not understand why they would make a living creature go through something so rough. I was looking for justice, and for these poor animals to be free from there despicable owners. So if you have the same feeling that I do, then protest with me against animal cruelty and walk with what you think is right! The streets of Japan will see abused animals no more! From this day, November 6, 2014 and forward, animal cruelty will come to an end.

Animals that are being taken out of our world