Technology Goes Home

How to support your child's learning styles at home

Vol. 3 March 2014

Meeting the Standards in Everyway

When students step into my classroom my focus is on six major goals as it relates to technology and the elementary curriculum. These goals are based on the International Society for Technology Education, ISTE as it is more commonly known.

Goal #1 - Creativity and Innovation

Goal #2 - Communication and Collaboration

Goal #3 - Research and Information Fluency

Goal #4 - Critical Thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision Making

Goal #5 - Digital Citizenship

Goal #6 - Technology Operations and Concepts

Throughout your child(s) three year experience at Crisafulli Elementary I work alongside classroom teachers and special educators to empower your child(ren) in a variety of ways. All learning styles and needs are always taken under consideration when designing projects. Today's monthly newsletter will provide you with some resources of ways you can support your children at home to be a connected learner in a very "technology" connected world.

Support At Home

The Hour of Code - What is it?

Within the past few months I have seen a great deal via social media about a skill called coding. So many of our students like to tinker with and build things. Why not encourage those passions with the use of coding. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, The Hour of Code is an annual program designed for students K-12 that will inspire those already interested in computer science and maybe even spark some new levels of interest. If you want to start your online tutorial today, simply click here!