Hampton Road's World War I Legacy

"To what extent did World War I impact Hampton Roads?"

Reflecting on the "Great War"

2014 witnessed the centennial anniversary of World War I. Yet for many, it passed without notice or even awareness. Does World War I deserve to be remembered? What were the global ramifications of this great event and perhaps even more interestingly, what impact did this war have on Hampton Roads? Ultimately, you will come to a conclusion regarding your focus question and will share your findings via an infographic. Your focus will be on the events of World War I in 1915.

Image: Norfolk Naval Station

Hoffmann, Joyce, and Maura Hametz. "WWI: "Nothing of Greater Importance" for Norfolk. "The Virginian-Pilot. N.p., 3 Aug. 2014. Web. 22 Jan. 2015.

Need to Knows

Did Hampton Roads continue to grow economically after WWI?

How did the shipping rates change after WWI?

How did entering the war impact the residents of HR?

How did HR's role in WWI impact its role in WW2?

How did HR's demographics change? Was it permanent?

What effects on race relations did the war have in HR?

How many Americans from Hampton Roads served in the war? How many returned?

Why were Americans so concerned about Freedom of the Seas?

What was the role of horses in WWI?

How did geography impact WWI?

Did WWI influence African-Americans in HR to this day?

Was their concern over the safety of HR from enemy attack?

Did HR aid in the boom of factory goods during WWI?

What impact did the creation of the Naval Base have on Hampton Roads?

How did the end of trade with the Central Powers impact HR's economy?

How did HR's views on Europe change during WWI?

Did HR trade internationally before the war? Did the war have a permanent change?

How did the geography of HR impact it's role in WWI?

How did the influx of soldiers impact HR's economy?

What would have happened to HR's shipping economy if freedom of the seas had been respected?

Would HR have been impacted negatively had the U.S. joined sooner?

Step 1

So what?! How does it impact us?

Choose ONE of the topics below to explore. You may work alone, with a partner or in a group of three. If you choose to work with other people in your class you MUST see me before you begin. You will be using this lense to answer the question "To what extent did World War I impact Hampton Roads."

Step 2

How can you create an informative infographic that highlights the impact of World War I in Hampton Roads?

You will create an infographic using piktochart that responds to your focus question. You will be expected to:

1. Give an overview of your category in regards to World War I. You may use the years 1914-1920 as your time frame.

2. Analyze the impact of World War I on Hampton Roads in 1915. Use your category as your lense (ie. find an economic, social, poltical impact).

4. Use both secondary and primary sources. It is not enough to have a picture! Your images should be more than decoration, use them to help build your argument.

5. Provide a works cited section for all content and images. All visuals should have a url link to their source.

6. Each person should fill out a Research Guide (see below). Create either a typed or handwritten chart that has the information given in the example.

The strongest infographics will be displayed as a QR code at the Virgina War Museum as part of their World War I exhibit. Chosen infographics will also receive extra credit.

Make sure you review the rubric below before you begin!


More than GOOGLE!

Also, check out some lectures and podcasts by local historians featuring Hampton Roads and World War I

The Great War and Norfolk 1914-1919
1914: The Road To War

Step 3

Individual Submissions

Whether you work alone or with a partner, or in a group the following items will be turned in for grades:

1. World War I Overview Notes Guide--TURN IN DURING CLASS


3. A 2-3 page paper that gives an overview of World War I, your topic, the connection to Hampton Roads, and makes a link between your topic and another time period in history. Your link must be explained and can either be a time before or after World War I. Please include a works cited. This will be submitted to turnitin.com. (Times New Roman, 12 point font, standard margins, no extra spacing). SUBMIT ON TURNITIN.COM

Step 4

Step 5

Reflection, Revision, Submission

You and your team will reflect on the feedback from your peers. After your final revisions you will submit your infographic to a google doc. Selected infographics will be turned into a QR code and embedded in the Virginia War Museum.