Glenside Future Problem Solvers

Coaches: Mrs. Pasternack & Mrs. Rickel

Next meeting: December 9th

We will be meeting at 8:00 am on December 9th in the library.

Acronyms to memorize

The FPS students received their first homework assignment. By January 6, we would like them to memorize their assigned acronym. They do not need to memorize the definitions of their assigned categories, but they do need to have a general understanding.

CAB: Maggie, Sophie, Sam, Monique, Sofia

BET: Tabitha, Esther, Christian, Will, Caroline

PLEDGE: Aidan, Keegan, Jack, Cailyn, Maya, Myanah

STREP: Isaac, Liam, Peter, Reilly, Amelia

Singing for the skit portion

Part of the FPS Bowl includes performing a skit. This week, we asked the students to change the words to a popular song. Their songs encouraged circus owners, hunters, marine parks, pet owners and scientists to be responsible in their treatment of animals.

Brainstorming Animal Uses with the FPS Categories

On December 9th, the students will be asked to brainstorm ways that animals are used. They will complete a worksheet where they are asked to generate one use of animals for each of the FPS categories.


Recreation: Pony rides

Basic Needs: Guide dogs used for people that are blind

How can Parents help?

Generating an animal use for each category is going to be difficult. As a family, please start the discussion at home with the STREP categories.

How are animals used that impact:

Social relationships? such as taking your dog for a walk as a family

Transportation? such as horse and carriage rides for tours in the city

Recreation? such as greyhound racing

Economics? such as owners of pet stores make money off of the sale of animals

Psychological health? such as a grieving person takes comfort in spending time with a pet

Six-Steps to Problem Solving

1. Identify Challenges to the topic or Future Scene.

2. Select an Underlying Problem.

3. Produce Solution Ideas to the Underlying Problem.

4. Generate and Select Criteria to Evaluate Solution Ideas.

5. Apply Criteria to Solution Ideas.

6. Develop an Action Plan.