Keep The Orangutans

By Mickayla


This program will help orangutans and their forestry. Palm oil is a key ingredient for us and the Orangutans, we need it but the orangutans need it more. If you don't use sustainable palm oil, then go and change it now. Orangutans need their home, more than we need palm oil. I want companies to use a safer and more sustainable way to using palm oil. Their already endangered, we don't need them to be extinct. How do I put my campaign idea in one sentence.

"we need to save the orangutans, we're all they have"

Campaign Goals

-Stop palm oil being used unsustainably.

- stop the killing of orangutans and their forestry.

-make people use sustainable palm oil.

-To not use or eat products containing unsustainable use of palm oil.


-Keep us. -we need to live.

-keep the orangutans. -we need you.

-we won't survive without you. -Don't let us go.

- save me.

Money Goal

My goal in money terms is 100,000 dollars or more, so we can have companies use safer and more sustainable palm oil.

How long the campaign will go for?

This campaign will go for till we reach our goal and maybe longer to keep on going through the years.

About my project

My project is about using sustainable palm oil but also saving the orangutans. Using sustainable palm oil means your saving thousands of orangutans each day, and they would be grateful. When you buy a product do you check the ingredients and see if it contains palm oil? No Yes well if you do good on you, if not you need to now , from here to forever. To all you companies that don't use sustainable palm oil, you need to change now!!, Using sustainable palm oil means saving an orangutan and their forestry. As you can see in some pictures their forest is dying out as well as them.


Who: The people who are helping out with this fundraiser is zoo Australia and communities.

What: This fundraiser is about saving the orangutans and their forestry.

When: This campaign will go till we reach our goal and if it is a success we'll keep going.

Where: Where is it being held all around the world.

Why: Why are we doing this campaign, to save the orangutans from extinction.

How: How are we going to get this campaign out, by handing out flyers and making websites and also using social media.