How does the brain work?

Prefrontal cortex

Dear Reader

With this newsletter, I am happy to provide a briefing for all caretakers of patients who has undergone damage to a specific portion of the brain that caused specific behavioral changes to the patient.

A Pole went through johns prefrontal cortex. Eventually his behavior change. He was rude and did things he would not have done prior to the damage. The prefrontal cortex is located at the very front of your brain. It is in front of your frontal cortex. The prefrontal cortex takes the longest to develop out of any parts of your brain. Its primary function is decision making. No treatment is possible and people who suffer from such damage will require supervision due to difficulties with organization and impulse control. The common 3 questions caretakers asked are:

1. What does rehabilitation involve?

2. Will their be loss of fine movements and strength of the arms, hands and fingers.

3.What type of personality and behavioral changes may occur?

Seminar One-Bio-Chemical/Neural Major Assignment