Lewis & Clark Expedition

Kai Mercado

A Great Journey

Lewis & Clark were commissioned by Thomas Jefferson to explore the newly purchased land of the Louisiana purchase.

This journey would last 3 years and stretched across nearly 8,000 miles of foreign land.

Risk Takers

  • During the expedition, these men would have to face extreme temperatures, fiendish Native Americans, scarcities of food, and rough terrain.
  • Lewis & Clark travelled into the unknown for the good of the nation's success, and persisted through 3 years of unpleasant living.
  • These explorers were also in bear country which was a species unknown until that point.

One time, it rained so much in addition to the extreme heat that it rotted the clothes of the men's backs!

Beliefs as to Not Being Risk Takers

Some may argue that Lewis and Clark were only on a mission to collect data for science and that they received extensive help from Native American Sacagawea.

However, this is not the case because the trip was much more difficult than anticipated and Sacagawea did not eliminate the fact that the trip was strenuous and very risky.

Congress only allocated $2,500 when the trip ended up costing around $39,000.