The Respiratory System

The heart and soul of breathing

What is the Respiratory System?

The Respiratory System is our lungs. Our lungs never stop working, they are always put a work. When we inhale and Exhale our lungs make sure all the good air gets Inhaled and the bad air gets Exhaled. Without our lungs we would only live on earth for one or two minutes. Our lungs play a major part in our body, they help us breathe.

What Are The Jobs and Importance of the Respiratory System?

All of these Systems have jobs, each and every one of them is important. For example, without the trachea air can't get to our lungs. I was saying all of the systems play an important role. Our ribs are like a guard to our lungs and without it our ribs would get hurt or worse they would deflate like two whoopee cushions. All of the parts of the Respiratory System are very, very, important.

What Are The Parts of The Respiratory System?

  • Trachea: The pipe that leads to the lungs that allows air to come in and out

  • Bronchi: The main tubes inside of our lungs that air passes through

  • Bronchioles: The smaller tubes that connect to the bronchi then, circle around and go up through the bronchi again then, the go up the trachea and out through the nose

There might not be many jobs in the Respiratory System but, they work very hard to keep us breathing.

How Can You Keep The Respiratory System Healthy?

Some people treat their Systems healthy and some don’t. Smoking is the most harmful to the lungs. Even if you don’t smoke you can be effected by people who do. House Paint and some cleaning brands like windex and garden fertilizer have chemicals in them so that's why we wear masks. To protect our lungs. It is very important to keep our lungs healthy and to always take precautionary measures around chemicals.

What Are Common Diseases Of The Respiratory System?

There are many Common Diseases that can occur in the Respiratory System. Asthma is one of the Most Common Diseases to occur in the Respiratory System. Asthma causes the Bronchioles to get swollen. Here are some common diseases Chronic, Chronotis, COPP, and Emphysema. Like I said before, there are many Common diseases and they can be easy to catch in the Respiratory System.


Asthma is a bad Disease. Asthma is a condition that affects breathing. It causes the tubes in the lungs (the bronchi and the bronchioles) to get swollen. People who have Asthma are required to have an inhaler. An inhaler helps the people who have Asthma breathe. The inhaler contains a special liquid that cures the swolleness inside of our bronchi and bronchioles. If babies are born with Asthma they need to stay in the hospital for a couple of months so the doctors can help them. Animals have Asthma too. Dogs , cats you name them all animals can get Asthma. Asthma is no joke, it is a bad disease, so lend a hand if you see someone with Asthma.