Colonial Life

The Hard Life of the Colonists

By Allison Walsh


The Brittans that sailed over o America had a very particular lifestyle in their new colony. Since growing corn was a daily task for colonists, it was found in most of their meals. The settlers wore the same hand made clothes every day. The laws were embarrassing,uncomfortable, sometimes deadly and most of all they were really weird. The life of a colonist was interesting and hard, they ate disgusting dirty food, worked all day, wore uncomfortable clothes, had to pay high taxes and had to follow every rule that the colony had.

What They Ate

The colonists ate only what they could grow or hunt. They grew aolt of corn for themselves and their livestock, so they ate mostly corn. They made cornmeal, bread and other corn products. Grown corn was an everyday thin for the colonists. What you ate depended on where you lived. If you lived by the sea, you would eat lobsters, clams and other seafood. But if you lived inland, then you would eat rabbits, squirrels, bears, deer and other wild animals. Since they did not have very good medical knowledge, anyone could drink beer or wine because they didn't know that it could possibly be bad for you. Even the children drank beer with their dinner. Even though they didn't have a wide flavorful selection of foods, they liked what they ate and lived by eating the eating the same kinds of foods every day


Imagine having to hand sew and dye all of your clothes. If it sounds bad, think about how the colonists had to do that. Not to mention that the clothes were tight and uncomfortable. Women wore colorful dresses. They dyed them from berries they collected in the woods. They wore bonnets everyday and their hair was always covered. Babies on the other hand wore dresses called puddings. They had a pillow like cushion around their waists so that when they fell, they landed on the pudding and not on their bottom. It helped them so they would not get injured if they fell. The way they made clothes and the kinds of clothes they wore were entirely different than todays manufacturing procedures and clothing types and styles.

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Punishments in colonial times were a lot different than the punishments we have today. Many of them were harsh and strange. People that were punished could find themselves in the stocks, pillory or the whipping post. Some of the crimes that are considered bad today were the same crimes that were considered bad then, such as murder and theft. But some crimes were odd, such as stealing someones pig which resulted in serious consequences. The punishments were meant for shame. People in the pillory were placed in the center of town, for everyone to see, the towns people were also allowed to throw rotten fruit and vegetables at the person accused. The shameful punishments were meant to keep the settlers following the rules. The crimes were odd, but they kept the colonists in line. The punishments were cruel, strange and physically painful. They were meant to be that way and embarrassing too. It seemed to be the only way to keep the colonist following the rules of the colony.


Even though the families from England that sailed to America had a specific lifestyle, they liked their lives and the things they did. Even though corn was the main food they ate, they had other foods that they ate often. The colonists learned to like their hand-made clothes even though they were tight, uncomfortable, dirty and hard to make. Unlike today, hanging was normal. In fact, the colonists did it mostly every day and it was normal and humane. Now, it is inhumane, and we banned it. Even though they had gross tasting food, uncomfortable clothes and kookie lays, the settlers still lived happier lives in America than in England.