World War I

by Tanner Pincince

Airplanes, Gasses, and new guns!

One of the most prominant new technologies used in WWI were planes. They were used to drop bombs and reak havoc on enemies and friendlies alike.

Another was Gas. The gas would render whole parts of the battlefeild useless as it blinded the enemies and killed many.

Lastly the Lee-Enfeild. This new gun alowd new long range kills and a whole new strategy erupted onto the battlefeild. Many new tacticts were evolved out of the use of this weapon.

Leaders from both sides.

Woodrow Wilson, the president of the United States at the time, was one of the most significant leaders of the allied forces. He led the US in the war efforts. The biggest accomplishment by him during this time, though, was his application in the treaty in Paris. He established his 14 Points which helped alot in the negotiations.

Willhelm II was the leader of Germany who was part of the Central Powers during WWI. Bombastic and impetuous, he made Rash decisions on crucial topics without consulting his ministers. This is what caused him to mobalise his troops in support of Austria-Hungary and inject him into a losing battle which was WWI.

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This was a recruiting poster for troops in the US.
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The trenches in WWI were full of disease and dead soldiers.
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WWI was the first time submarines were succesfully implemented in warfare.

Newspaper Headlines Examples

The US joins the Great War after treats of mexico siding with the Germans!!

Archduke Franz Ferdinand Assasinated!!! The Great War has bugun!

The War To End All Wars is here! Will you be a part of history?!