Peter the great


Brief bio

Born in Moscow Russia on June,9 1672. 14th child of czar Alexis he first began rule when he joint ruled Russia with his half brother ivan. Which ended when Ivan died in 1696. Then he ruled Russia on his own changing Russia's history forever.

Bad things Peter The Great

-He created high taxes that led to revolts

-Stabbed his son to death

-Cruel to subjects

-had a lot of problems and rivals while ruling his empire

-beat and threatened his son

-notoriously strict

-had teachers carry whips around for their students

-banned the reign or boyars

Interesting facts about Peter The Great

A few facts

-One of the most famous czars

-had been married twice

-11 sons

-his eldest son Czarevich was executed in the year 1718

-His son Alexei was accused of treason

-his half sister Sophia helped rule the country with him

Nation he ruled

Again, he ruled Russia and considered it an empire, his nickname was father of the Netherlands, be used if how unusual he was for a leader