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In this edition there are great High School opportunities. Bowling, Kickboxing and serving the community with The Santa Lady!

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Vendor Spotlight

Explorer Field Trips

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Explorer Field Trips is a field trip product vendor specializing in personalized experiences. We have many kits to choose from on our website, as well as an option to build custom kits. Our Master Explorers pages come with every kit, so your student can show off their adventures - We also have a large kit materials vault with worksheets and projects for over 50 field trip locations

Homeschool mom with a great idea.

My name is Rachel Logan. I grew up in the East Bay Area of California and loved getting out and exploring the world! I traveled a lot with my family and alone, and eventually found myself working on a degree in science education at Brigham Young University in Utah. I met my husband, Shiloh, there and we were married in 2005. Less than five years later we had 4 sweet kiddos!

Shiloh had seasonal jobs for the first 10 years which meant we moved a lot. I knew from early on that some of my children weren’t going to thrive well in a traditional public school setting, and I homeschooled them from the very beginning. That gave us lots of time to explore all the new places my husband’s work took us! I also spent time developing a homeschooling blog to help families transition to homeschooling, and got involved in the homeschooling community on every level I could.

At the end of 2014 we finally settled down in Bakersfield, California. We lived here a few times over the course of our travels and have always said it felt like home. My husband started a pest control company, and I discovered independent study charter schools and it felt like a good fit for us.

It wasn’t long before I realized that there weren’t any field trip options for those who love to dive in deeper than you can typically go when you’re with a school-organized group. I worked hand in hand with the schools to develop a program that worked for them and us, and Explorer Field Trips was born! Since then, it’s taken off and even created opportunities for other family-run businesses to join the industry! I couldn’t be happier to see so many families out learning!

I always want every trip to go as seamlessly as possible, and am always trying to come up with new ideas to benefit the families we serve. I have loved every minute of providing these trips and working with the schools! Our whole team is committed to your happy travels!

Thanks for being part of the Explorer Field Trips family!!

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