Houston Population Boom

The Booming City

Houston's population tends to go up 125,000 people a year. This last year however, the population has gone up by 158,000 people. This growing population is causing an increase in demand for goods and services as well as employment.

Government Warning on Beef

Mad Beef

After careful examination, the government has issued a warning on eating beef from the farms near the Houston area. The cows have been tested positive for mad cow disease which can easily be spreed to humans by eating the meat of a cow effected by the disease. It has been linked to causing dementia, comas, and eventually death. The disease is marked by rapid mental deterioration, usually within a few months. So the next time you go to buy beef from the supermarket, be sure you know where your getting it from.

3,000 People Laid Off

NASA Binge Layoff

3,000 people have been laid of at NASA so far, and counting. The multi million dollar business is having to lay off employees because of budget cuts. This is leaving thousands of Americans unemployed including hundreds of Houstonians. This will be causing families to have to cut back on their spending until they are able to find another job which will put a strain on the Houston economy.

Local Houston Businesses Competing with National Busniesses

Support Local Busniesses

Local Houston businesses have been struggling to keep up with their National multi-franchised competitors. Many local Houston businesses have been going out of business because the competition has been getting to hard.

Hurricane Amy

Time to Stock Up

Hurricane Amy is expected to hit Galveston and the Houston area in a week. Residents have been stocking up on supplies and food the last few days in preparation for the Hurricane. The supermarkets are working around the clock to keep up with the demand for food and various supplies people are needing to buy.