The "Killer" Element

Chlorine's History

Dicovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774 but wasnt confirmed as an element untill 1810 Carl also has named the element Chlorine

Uses of Chlorine

It can make table salt also Used in world war 1 in 1915 to kill soldiers, it is also used to make water safe to drink. also used in Medicine, paper products and also Petroleum products

Pictures of Chlorine

Geology of Chlorine

Chlorine can be found in rock salt never found in nature because it is to reactive

Interesting facts about Chlorine

Few breaths could kill you if you inhale Chlorine, it was used in world war 1 in 1915 it is used in table salt and is very reative with alkali metals found in the first group in the periodic table


Essential in mammals and plants also found in stomach acid
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