Weekly Newsletter

May 16th-May 20th

Welcome Mrs. Casebier

We are so excited to have Mrs. Casebeier for the remainder of the year. She was Mrs. Arnold's long term substitute last year so she is familiar with our classroom procedures and norms.

Mrs. Casebier will be using Mrs. Bordonaro's email so please keep emailing both of us. If you need to get a message to Mrs. Bordonaro, please email me and I'll pass it along to her.

Baby Bordonaro has arrived!

This sweet baby girl arrived on Wednesday night at 6:00 pm. She was 7 lbs. 1 oz and 19 inches. She is pure baby perfection!!

You won't Bee-lieve what we are running out of...

  • Glue Sticks (we are out)
  • Crayons 24 count
  • Whiteboard markers (low odor)
  • Tissues (we are out)
  • Clorox wipes

Language Arts-Reading

Reading Focus:

  • We will be continuing our unit: People who make a difference
  • Focus people for this week: Harriet Tubman and Milton Hershey
  • We will also be continuing our other two research projects
  • People who make a difference: students will work independently and will study a person who has impacted our word and write a report about him/her
  • Animal Life Cycles: Students will work in pairs to study the life cycles of an animal and create individual projects.

Language Arts-Skill

  • This week we will be focusing on finding the main idea of a passage as well as the main idea of each paragraph.
  • You can practice this at home (with a non-fiction book). After reading a page, go back and find the main idea of each paragraph. Remember, 2nd grade main ideas are more than one word. For example: first grade main idea-penguins second grade main idea-how penguins stay warm.


This Week:

  • Phonics rule for the week: prefixes and suffixes (unlucky, gladly, retell)
  • Word Wall Words: scared, happen, own, warm, understand, strong, teach
  • Remember...If your child needs extra practice, there are lots of resources on our website.


  • We will be revisiting our yearlong standards: addition and subtraction strategies in word problems
  • Make sure you are looking for the Symbaloo on the 2nd grade website if your student needs additional practice.

Open House is Thursday, May 19th

We hope you can join us for Open House. Your child will be the tour guide as he/she shows off all of the the learning that we have fit in during the first 140 days of school. Our door will be open from 6:00-7:00. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Other Important Dates

We have lots of important dates coming up:
  • May 19th-Open House
  • June 10th-Volunteer Breakfast (small presentation to follow, in class)
  • June: Talent Show (date to scheduled soon)
  • June: Field Day (date to scheduled soon)
  • June 22nd: Last Day of School

Have a minute or two to spare?

If you are able to do some prep at home, please sign up on our Sign Up Genius.


Thank yo so much!!

Mystery Readers Wanted

We have been able to extend our Mystery Reader dates. We would love to have you join us for our Library time to read us a book. You can also hang out with us while pick out our books. We finish around 3:00 and then you may take your sweet duckling home with you.

If you are able to join us, please sign up: