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Quizlet Live

Quizlet has created a new program that turns your flashcards into a live, multi-player, review game.
Let's give it try!
  • Open quizlet.live.
  • Type in the code the teacher has given you.
  • Type in your name.
  • Quizlet Live will assign you a team. Find your teammates and get together.
  • Wait for the teacher to begin the game.


Recap, from the makers of Swivl, is a video response reflection app that lets students respond to prompts from their teacher. This awesome tool works well on mobile devices, Chromebooks and laptops with the ability to capture video.
Website | iPad App



Dotstorming is a new brainstorming website that is easy to use and a quick way to gather student input.
Let's try it out!

  • On your device or laptop, open tinyurl.com/NOfavorite.
  • Enter your name and click Join.
  • Click Add an item and list your favorite New Orleans restaurant and click Done. Please add only one restaurant.
  • After everyone has entered their favorite restaurant, you may vote on up to 3 favorites from the ideas posted by your colleagues by clicking on the small circle under an idea.
  • Comment on one of the ideas by clicking on the Comment icon under an idea.
  • Click the Rank by votes button to view the results.

Let's try a different idea! We can use Dotstorming for formative assessment.

  • On your device or laptop, open tinyurl.com/symmetricalds
  • Enter your name and click Join.
  • Answer the question posted on the page.


Want to make a little extra money? UserTesting pays you to visit websites or apps, complete a few tasks and record a short video.

BookSnaps & Vocab Snaps

BookSnaps provide your students with a fun way to use the Snapchat app to reflect on their reading or visually demonstrate the meaning of a new vocabulary word. Tara Martin from Lawrence, Kansas has found a creative way to use Snapchat in the classroom.
The following is from Tara's website and gives a great overview of how to use BookSnaps:

A few (of MANY) reasons to create BookSnaps:

  • To annotate and share excerpts of the book you’re reading
  • It allows the reader to connect a concept or thought to an image, which then allows the brain to recall the information linking it back to the visual.
  • Diagram the rise, fall, and climax of the plot (see an example image below)
  • Highlight figurative language and imagery
  • Notate character conflict and internal struggles (see example below)
  • Point out the main idea or a supporting argument

Click here to read Tara's blog about how to create Booksnaps.

Click here to follow Tara on Twitter and you can find tons of great ideas and examples by searching #BookSnaps onTwitter.

Read more here about BookSnaps from Dave Burgess (Teach Like a Pirate).

Can't use Snapchat in your school or you work with younger students, read Tara's post on alternative websites for creating BookSnaps.

VocabSnaps is similar to Book Snaps, except the focus is on defining and illustrating vocabulary words. Search #VocabSnaps on Twitter for ideas and examples.

View-Master Virtual Reality

Check out the world of virtual reality with the View-Master Virtual Reality and enter various 360-degree environments.
1. Download one of the View-Master VR apps to your smartphone

2. Place a smartphone into the viewer, look at the Preview Reel and simply click the lever to launch the VR experience.

Purchase the Starter Kit from Amazon for $12.59.

Make a 360 Degree VR Image

Facebook can turn your panoramic pictures into a 360 degree VR image. All you have to do is upload an panoramic image and then your friends and family can view the picture by tilting their phones, or by dragging their finger or cursor around the photo.

Toys and Gadgets

Amazon Echo & Alexa - Control your home with one of these devices
Video Doorbells - Watch your front door from your smart phone (several to choose from)
Game Developer Barbie - Her computer even has code on it!
Belkin Portable Tablet Stand - Easily folds up for storage or travel
X Treme Universal Tablet Stand - Only $4.00 at Five Below
iXpand Flash Drive - Flash drive for your iPhone or iPad that automatically backs up your photos and videos.
USB Bed Lift Set - These work great in dorm rooms to provide more space under the bed, but do you want to make your regular desk a stand-up desk? This might just do the trick and provide you with more charging outlets!

Olloclip - Award-winning lenses for your iPhone

Photo Lens for iPhone/iPad - Brands and prices vary on different sites
HAPIFork - Lose weight by tracking your eating habits with this new, electronic fork.
Paint Brush Stylus - Draw and paint on your touch screen device to bring out the artist in you.
Jot Stylus by Adonit - Great, reasonably-priced stylus from this Texas company
STEM toys from Amazon...your kids will love shopping from this list!
Quirky, the Smart Piggy Bank - Colors and prices vary on different sites
3D Pen - 3D printing at your fingertips

Smart Drone - This 3D Robotics Drone works with your GoPro camera.

RainMachine Devices - Coordinates with the NOAA to adjust your water sprinkler.

Pacif-i™ – the Smart Pacifier - Monitor your baby's temperature on your smart phone or tablet.

IKEA Wireless Furniture - IkEA will start selling wireless charging lamps and tables.

Prynt - Turn your smart phone into a camera that instantly prints out business card sized photos.

Cicret Bracelet - Make your skin your new touchscreen!

Many of the gadgets vary in price depending on the vendor. Check Amazon, eBay, NewEgg and ThinkGeek before you buy!

There's an App for That!

Photomyne - Scan your photos by positioning the camera directly over your album pages or a few photos scattered on a table and start taking photos, one after the other. (Google Play Store)

Prisma - Turn your photos into cool artworks. (Google Play Store)

Tinycards - Flashcards over tons of topics or you can create your own.

Tab - Need to easily split a restaurant bill? Scan the bill with the Tab app, tap on the items you ordered and the amount you owe will be quickly tabulated. It even includes tax and tip!
PicPlayPost - Create a collage of videos and images


Wizer - Don't freak out when you see the word 'worksheet' on this website. We think of these as online lessons. You can can create your own, interactive and engaging lesson or you can search for 'worksheets' other teachers have created. Click here for a great tutorial on searching Wizer. Check out one of our favorite Wizer lessons here.


High Tech Verbs - Tech Tools on this Wiki are linked to the corresponding level of Bloom's Taxonomy.
Animation Chefs - These kids help kids everywhere cook-up their own cartoon networks.
High School Cube - High School Cube gives schools the ability to capture/share all the amazing LIVE moments that happen. Think about broadcasting sporting and music events, graduation, pep rallies and more...for free!
Bankaroo - Virtual banking for students!

Siri...My New Best Friend

Did you know Siri could do all of this?
  • Ask her to divide zero by zero.
  • Set a timer by saying "Set timer for 2 minutes" or "wake me up at 7 am".
  • Open an App.
  • Play something from your music library.
  • Change the Settings on your device. Ask her to "dim the screen".
  • Ask her "where is Mission Impossible playing?" or "who starred in Mary Poppins?"

Tips & Tricks

There is a QR code generator in Twitter that allows people to quickly follow you. Look under the gear in your profile. Note: This only works on a mobile device.

Want to add an emoji to your tweet when you are on a MacBook? Press control/command and the spacebar to access them!

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