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What are the two main issues with over fishing?

  1. We are at a risk of losing all fish. Some people and cultures depend on fish in their everyday diet.
  2. There is a risk of losing all oceanic ecosystems and wildlife.


Negative effects of over fishing

Over fishing causes many problems that cannot be fixed. The biggest being destroying entire food chains. When humans over fish and kill a lot of tuna everything that eats tuna will go hungry and everything that gets eating by tuna will over populate.


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Where does over fishing occur?

Over fishing happens off the coast of most big country's but mostly happens in big seas.

What wildlife are effected by over fishing?

All wildlife are effected by over fishing because it is one long cycle. Without fish and an ocean everything dies.

How are wildlife effected by over fishing

Humans take to much of the fish out and cause everything that eats them to starve and over populates what gets eating by them.
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How does this issue effect our lives here in League City?

Most people in League City eat fish, now that most the fish are gone places were you can buy fresh fish a scarce. Eventually people wont be able to eat fish at all.

Are people effected by over fishing?

Lots of people around the world depend on fishing to support their family. If all the fish die then so does their family.
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What causes over fishing?

Over fishing is caused when fish are caught faster then they can be produced. Lots of fished are killed by lose fishing nets, plastic, and oil.

Are there any solutions to over fishing?

Yes, lots of places are protected from fishing and human contact.
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My solution

I think fishing nets should be illegal and people can only fish with regular fishing poles. This would cause people to get much less fish and would allow the fish population to grow.
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