Heartland Family Newsletter

Heartland Happenings - August 21, 2022

Notes From Ms. Johnson

Greetings Heartland Families!

I must say that from a full building perspective - this has been an EXTREMELY smooth start to the 22/23 school year. I want to thank our school community - including parents and teachers - for working together as we provide an AMAZING place for your student(s) to learn. Should a problem arise - and you have specific questions about your student or questions regarding policies and procedures - we ask that you contact the specific grade level principal of your student for more information.

Veronica Johnson - Lead Principal

Laura Brown - 6th Grade Principal

Paul McQueen - 7th Grade Principal

Edward Hudson - 8th Grade Principal

A HUGE shout-out to our FANTASTIC Heartland Parent Organization for organizing and putting together an AWESOME Back to School Social! Everywhere I looked, I saw students singing and dancing, parents enjoying family and great food,and faculty/staff laughing and enjoying each other's company! It's moments like these that make me truly grateful to be serving such a wonderful community! It was great to visit will all of you and to provide such a wholesome environment for our students and families to socialize! Thank you all for showing up and supporting our school! Our partnership is what will help to make your student(s) successful here at Heartland! I can't encourage each of you enough to get involved! In fact, our HPO is hosting and event at the Edmond Railyard next Monday (8/29) at 6pm to help recruit more volunteers and create connections that will benefit our school. Come out this Friday, make new friends and find out about more ways YOU can pour into Heartland!

Before I go, congratulations to all the Fall sports as they are now up and running with matches and meets happening all the time. It's great to see our Heartland students successful both inside and outside of the classroom.



Veronica Johnson

Principal, Heartland Middle School


Grade Level Newsletters

6th Grade

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7th Grade

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8th Grade

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At Heartland... We RISE!!

Heartland administrators hosted grade level team assemblies this week to talk about how Thunderhawks show Respect, Integrity, Self Control & Effort at all times and in all areas of the building! Please continue to have conversations with your student regarding school appropriate behavior. Each of our Thunderhawks now know our expectations and we look forward to creating and fostering an atmosphere conducive to learning!

Heartland Open House Instructions - 8/22/22

Our open house at Heartland is a mini snapshot of what your student goes through during the day. We will run a regular schedule - starting at 6:00p. 10-minute class periods and 5-minute passing periods.... If you do not have a copy of the schedule for your student - please use the following link to have your student write down where you should go. Remember - it's good to know both teacher name and room number if possible as most of us don't memorize the numbers - we just know where people are located. You can enter from the North or South entrance on this night!

Click Here...

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Open House Food Drive

Heartland stands by its commitment to our community by collectively working together to assist those with food insecurity. Together, let's RISE to help our Thunderhawks in need. We will be accepting non-perishable food items and canned food to stock our food pantry. Items can be brought during OPEN HOUSE - August 22nd: 6:00 PM - 8:15 PM.

Thank you for your continued support!!!

From Santa Fe High School:

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If your student is going to be absent from school - you may either call or email Heartland using the following contact information. Please be sure to send us the Student Name, Grade, and Reason for absence.


Main Office: 405-340-2972

Attendance Line: 405-726-6257

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Standard Response Protocol

The following are the building blocks of the Standard Response Protocol:

Hold: Hold is followed by the directive: “In Your Room or Area” and is the protocol used when hallways need to be kept clear of occupants.

Secure: Secure is followed by the directive: “Get Inside, Lock Outside Doors” and is the protocol used to safeguard people within the building.

Lockdown: Lockdown is followed by the directive: “Locks, Lights, Out of Sight” and is the protocol used to secure individual rooms and keep occupants quiet and in place.

Evacuate: Evacuate is used to move people from one location to a different location in or out of the building.

Shelter: Shelter is followed by commands that state the hazard and safety strategy for the group or self-protection.

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Chromebook Protection Plan

EPS offers a $25 “Student Technology Protection Plan” (STPP) to help cover the cost of damaged devices such as loss, or damage caused by abuse, dropping, spills, etc. If the device is stolen, students must submit a police report with the claim to use their STPP (Student Technology Protection Plan). Visit Edmond Public Schools’ Technology webpage and select STPP-Student Protection Plan for the most recent information. Chargers are not covered by the STPP plan. Replacement chargers are $35.
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Edmond Public Schools Dress Code Policy

Policy #4510 - Revised 08/02/2021

Heartland Middle School - Sk8 Club

HMS Sk8 Club’s hope is to create an avenue, an after school skateboarding club, that helps serve our population in an alternative way. Similar to other clubs, such as drama club, art club, and chess club, the skateboard club will provide a “home” for our students as well as provide other opportunities such as tutoring, mentorship, leadership and community service.

What: HMS Sk8 Club

When: 4:30pm-6:00pm every other Wednesday starting in September and ending in May

Where: TBD - Mathis Skateboard park and The Daily Shredd Indoor Skateboard Park

Who: Heartland MS girls & boys in grades 6-7-8

Who part 2: Skateboarders, roller bladers, and quad riders.

Who part 3: No experience necessary

Cost: **Free (Mathis Skatepark is free year round. **The Daily Shredd charges $10 per visit for HMS skaters). Skaters are financially responsible for paying for The Daily Shredd. HMS will not pay for students to skate at the skate parks.

CLICK HERE for more information!

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Providing a Safe and Orderly Environment is a Primary Concern at The Heart!

Our aim is to make the drop off & load line before and after school even safer with your help.

Morning Drop Off Procedures:

  • When arriving in the morning, do follow the traffic circle to the south entry of Heartland. Our young scholars may exit their vehicles along the sidewalk on the north side of the drive where Heartland supervisors are directing traffic. Please do not allow your student to exit your vehicle until you have reached to front of the line and are directed to do so. Students have 2 choices once they have entered the building: 1.) students can report directly to their advisory class until advisory begins at 7:40 OR 2.) students can report directly to the cafeteria for breakfast and then directly to advisory after they have finished their breakfast.

  • As directed by our educators, pull up all the way to the front. We will be using the left & right lanes for vehicle departure.

  • Also:

  • Students being dropped off at school may arrive after 7:10 am. Our educators arrive on duty at 7:10.

  • You will not be allowed to enter the parking lot area to drop your student off. Please stay in the drop off car line.

  • No students will be allowed to be dropped off at the North Entrance (bus loop).

Afternoon Pick Up Procedures:

  • Our dismissal bell rings at 2:20pm. Our students take a few minutes to get to the car rider area. You may expect the line of traffic to begin moving at approximately 2:25 pm.

  • As directed by our educators, pull up all the way to the front of the line between the car line supervisors. Our students will watch for you and will walk to where you are stopped.

Thank you in advance for maintaining a safe loading and unloading area for our Thunderhawks.

When each of us are on campus, we are an adult that our students look to as an example. Continue to be kind and courteous to fellow drivers, educators, and our students.

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Heartland Middle School Facebook Page

Join/Like our page for the latest on all things Heartland Middle School!

Snack Bar Opens on Monday (8/22/22)

Let's take just a minute to talk about the "snack bar" at lunch. For those 6th grade parents who don't know...the snack bar can become an issue because students at this age are not used to financial freedom and free choice. It's difficult for them to spend out of an account as they tend to not understand that the money really exists and there is not an endless supply. I encourage you to have a conversation with your student about your expectations regarding spending at the snack bar. It is a common occurrence in 6th grade right now for a student or two from each lunch to buy SEVERAL ice creams and pass them out to friends. We're working on our end to stop this practice but I also encourage you to check your account and make sure your student isn't spending beyond your expectations. Additionally - 6th-grade students will spend a LOT of time waiting in a snack bar line to get ice cream and then leave themselves little time to eat it. It's growing pains - they'll get through it as they always do.
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Heartland Athletics Update

Click the link to find out more about Fall sports: Softball, Volleyball, Cross Country & Football.

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Heartland Pink Out!

Heartland Pink Out will be September 22nd! This is a volleyball game that Heartland plays to bring awareness to breast cancer and proceeds from the game will go to this cause. OUr player will wear pink shirts during the game and we want to encourage our fans to wear the pink shirt as well! Here is a link to order your own Heartland Pink Out shirt! Orders due by August 23rd!

Order your Heartland Pink Out Shirt HERE!


Now that we are in the process of running eligibility for OSSAA activities - there always tends to be some confusion as to when a student can and can not participate. Here are some bullet points to help define when a student can and can not participate.

  • Eligibility is run mid-week. For example - we run eligibility on Thursday morning based on grades posted on Wednesday evening. If a student is listed as "ineligible" - that means they can not participate in any OSSAA games scheduled for the next calendar week of Sunday - Sunday. By OSSAA rules - students can still practice during that time. However, individual coaches may have other team rules regarding practice.
  • Probation vs. Ineligible. The first week a student has a grade that qualifies them for the eligibility report - they are listed as "on Probation"... At that point in time - they can still participate and play in games. (Again - team rules may be more strict) If the student raises the grade by the next eligibility report run - their name comes off the list and they are good to go. If there is still a grade in question - the student becomes ineligible.
  • If a student is listed as ineligible - AND - raises their grade (yay!!) the next time there is a grade in question -- they move back to the probation category. Therefore, there is always a week of grace after a student has worked to get their name off of the list.

Please feel free to contact Heartland Athletic Director Laura Brown with questions as I know it can be confusing.

Heartland Parent Organization News!

Heartland Families,

Heartland Families,


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Want to meet new parents at Heartland and find out more about the HPO and how to get involved?

Come to the Edmond Railyard Monday, August 29 at 6pm to meet the Board and hang out with new friends. We can’t wait to see you there! This is a come and go event and very casual. Please invite your friends to join you.

Please let us know if you are interested in volunteering.


Please keep in touch with the HPO!


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Thanks to all that came to the Social. It was a blast!

Thanks to Scott Merkley for being a great DJ!

: Send your photos from the Social to amy.hampson@edmondschools.net for the yearbook.

The volunteers were incredible and we could not do these events without you. Thanks for your service!

The Thunderhawk Shop will be open on Monday night from 5:15pm - 5:45pm for you to get your Heartland swag before Open House begins at 6pm. Stop by and stock up for Fall!

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We have a stocked shop, so be sure and check it out!



Keep watch on this Linktree for all things HPO, including signups for volunteer opportunities. Please fill out the volunteer form so we know your interest.


Keep up with HPO information straight to your phone and join REMIND.

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HPO Board:

President: Leigh Bloskovich

President-Elect: Cassie Niemann

Vice President: Trish Harrison

Treasurer: Jamila Woodard

Secretary: Belinda James

HPO Chairman:

Restaurant Nights: Jaime Clark

Dates to Remember:

8/29 HPO Meet & Greet Gathering at the Edmond Railyard, 6pm

Questions? heartland.hpo@gmail.com

Thanks for your support!

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The Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps registration is now open for Oklahoma students in grades 7, 8 and 9. This high-dosage tutoring program provides 50-minute virtual tutoring sessions three times a week in groups of no more than four students. Please share this flyer with or forward this email to your students’ families so they can register their student for this program.

The OSDE launched a successful pilot program for Math Tutoring Corps in spring 2022, with nearly 400 participants. A post-pilot survey revealed:

  • 90% of participants increased their understanding of mathematics.
  • 84% of families said participating students were more confident about math.
  • 84% of students indicated they would be more likely to persevere after making a mistake.

Students are eligible to participate in one or both of the OSDE’s Math Tutoring Corps sessions during the 2022-23 school year. Each session can accommodate up to 1,500 students. The first runs Sept. 18 through Nov. 19, the second in spring 2023. Families and students can enroll for the upcoming session through this link by Sept. 1. The OSDE will provide any needed technology or internet access, and tutoring schedules will occur during students’ free time outside of the school day.

Additional information is available on the OSDE’s Math Tutoring Corps webpage.

The Oklahoma Math Tutoring Corps was featured on News 9 in Oklahoma City and Fox 23 in Tulsa.

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Digital Resources for Families

YOUR ONE-STOP SHOP FOR DIGITAL CONNECTIONS - Infinite Campus, Child Nutrition, Chromebook Troubleshooting, WiFi Needs, AND More!

Infinite Campus Parent and Student Portal

Grades, Attendance, and Messages


Honesty - Being truthful in what I say and do

Enthusiasm - Expressing interest and excitement in what I do

Attentiveness - Concentrating on the person or task before me

Resiliency - Recovering from adversity and finding the inner strength to withstand stress

and do my best

Tolerance- Demonstrating respect for others who do not share my perspective

Leadership- Knowing the way. Going the way. Showing the way.

Accountability - Accepting responsibility for my actions

Nice- Dude. Be Nice!

Discipline- Choosing behaviors to help me reach my goals and finish strong!

Heartland Middle School

Veronica Johnson - Lead Principal

Laura Brown - Principal, 6th Grade

Paul McQueen - Principal, 7th Grade

Edward Hudson - Principal, 8th Grade

Lisa Edwards - 6th Grade Counselor

Whitney Davis - 7th Grade Counselor

Kim Treece - 8th Grade Counselor