Romeo and Juliet

Act 3, Scene 2

Abigale Paluk


Later that same day in Capulet's orchard. Juliet is waiting for Romeo impatiently, not knowing what had happened.

The Characters


In Act 3.2, Juliet is awaiting the Nurse to arrive with the rope ladder for Romeo tonight. Juliet is dreaming and thinking about tonight and how she is nervous about having sex with Romeo. She makes the comparison with night and how night now stands for protection for both her and Romeo and the sun and daylight are death. Earlier, the night represented death and the sun was Juliet's beauty.The Nurse comes in screaming that he is dead. Juliet thinks that romeo is dead and The Nurse is talking about Tybalt. Once the confusion has cleared up and the Nurse explains what has happened, Juliet says that having Romeo banished is 1,000 times worse than hearing her family is killed. She says that she will kill herself if she can't be with Romeo. The Nurse says she knows where Romeo is hiding and will go to Friar Lawrence's cell to get Romeo and bring Romeo to Juliet for them to consecrate their marriage.

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The Rose - Bette Midler

Why I chose this song

I choose this song because Juliet had mentioned earlier about the rose is still a rose with a different name but also because Romeo is the seed that Juliet needs to grow. Their love is blooming and so is the rose in this song. They are growing together and tonight is the night that their love will be real and true. It also says in the song "When the night has been too lonely" Juliet is hoping that her night isn't lonely but will be filled with love from Romeo.