Team of Queens

We may be small but we sure are mighty

All things are possible!

Hi ladies!

I have big news and I wanted you to be the first to hear it! We have promoted!! That BHAG I told you about in April has been reached (or it will be tonight). We will officially be a STAR team tonight. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. You ladies killed it this month. In fact, we will far surpass all the requirements for STAR.

I love this business and all the incredible people I get to work with. I am so excited about what the next stage in our business will look like. I wonder who on our team will be the next to promote? If that is a goal of yours please talk to me about it.

Since we are nearing the end of our $75 gift card incentive, I thought I would put one last activity together. This one is your choice!! You will get one ballot for doing something you feel is significant in moving your business forward. Maybe it is calling that one person on your chicken list. Maybe it's doing a fantastic job hostess coaching this week? Or meeting that potential stylist for coffee. Or picking up the phone and calling 10 people? You decide but make sure you truly feel it was a 'significant' effort! Email me what you did.


June is shapping up!

We still have a number of shows to go in May but June is already shaping up to be a great month. Last year there was an extra $50 for hostesses of qualified shows. Fingers crossed for something great for hostesses and us.

A few tips for June

1) Start now! People seem to like committing to a show 'next month'. Even if it is 6 days away.

2) Front load your month - this is a skill that will forever benefit your business. If you front load (fill up your dates before 15th) it will give you a better chance of booking into that month. When even I am offering show dates, I only offer 1st-15th.

3) Talk about the sales going on now!