Curbside Library Checkout

at Cascadia Elementary

Curbside Checkout comes to Cascadia

Monday, Aug. 31st, 4-6pm

1700 North 90th Street

Seattle, WA

The library is re-opening for curbside checkout! Students will now be able to check out books from our school library during designated curbside checkout times. Books that are "ready" will be available for pick up in the front of the school between 4-6 p.m. on August 31st. Books will be checkout out and loaded into bags prior to pick up. Please be sure to wear a mask and observe the social distance rules of keeping 6 feet from other students and families.

Instructions for Placing a Hold

Students can log into Destiny Discover (our school library catalog) and place up to 5 books on hold (2 graphic novel limit). Students will use their unique login and password. This is the same as last year, however, if you are a 5th grader your password is longer this year. The full year is needed. Please see this video or this PDF for specific instructions. Please note that you can "unhold" a book by clicking on more details. You can also email me if you need to unhold something.