Action Based Learning

Building Brain Cells Using Physical Activity

What is Action Based Learning?

Research has shown that exercise and movement builds new brain cells and increases memory retention. Using kinesthetic teaching strategies, students are able to engage in whole brain- whole body activities. These activities allow students to not only get much needed physical activity but they also improve memory retention, reinforce academic concepts, and improve reading levels,

How We are Incorporating Kinesthetic Learning

Kinesthetic learning is both fun and engaging for the student. We have many tools and activities that our teachers are using in the classroom. Learning Centers have now incorporated more movement, while focusing on academic concepts. is a free website which includes a whole lot of free and educational resources. The Plus version has more games available which allows the teacher to control the material that the games use, making them great review tools.

What's Next?

This summer a group of teachers will be going to an Action Based Learning training. We will take that knowledge and be able to train the rest of our staff on how to properly use kinesthetic learning in the classroom. Coach Rife and one other member of our campus CHAC team have been invited to be a part of the Pasadena ISD Kinesthetic Classroom Foundations Trainers Team. They will be a part of training other campuses in the district on how to use kinesthetic and Action Based Learning