Berlin, The German Capital

By Matan Kuperberg

Berllllllin, This is A Football City off Course

1. I Can go to the Olympiastadion, The German National Stadium

2. In Germany have a lot of Showrooms of German Cars (Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Opel, Porsche, Volkswagen, Mini)

3, I can go to For A Friendly Games of Hapoel Tel Aviv (My Best Team) they Have a Training Camp in Berlin

4. I Can See the Berlin Wall

5. i Can go to the o2 World A Basketball, Volleyball and Handball Arena

Berlin was divided . Between East and West , the wall of separation between the former two countries, now they one Country

Olympiastadion, The Biggest Stadium in Germany (With Allianz Arena) and The German National Stadium

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The Mini Showroom in Berlin, Look at The Reverse Mini!

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Berlin Wall, You Know Salomon Kalou (Football Player in Hertha Berlin) Broke it Little Bit in German Telivision Show

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O2 World, Fantastic A R E N A

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This is the German Map, Berlin Here in Red the other cities is the BIG Cities In Germany (Deautschland), There's Regions in Germany, Berlin is Region & City too

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