Alyssa Manaois

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My Boyfriend and I at my high school graduation.

I don't take many pictures of myself so this is the best recent one I could find.

JAX to O-Town

I am from Jacksonville, Florida and came to Orlando to experience a new setting. In Jacksonville there's way less traffic and it doesn't have as many attractions as Orlando. I'm still getting use to Orlando. There's food places everywhere and Publix is also everywhere. I've gotten lost multiple times going to campus, from campus, and in campus! Luckily, I had google maps to guide me.

My Major

I am currently majoring in chemistry because it'll help me in my future career in becoming a pharmacist. I'll probably cry from all the stress but it'll be worth it because of the money of course! Just kidding, I like chemistry and would like to help people by giving them the right medications to assist them to recovery.

EXCEL Program

I joined the EXCEL program because I thought it would help me through my major since it revolves around math and science. They also have helpful tutors and helps you get involved with the community. EXCEL will help me keep track with school since they've provided so many resources to help me succeed.

Random Stuff About Me

I really love food. It's the best thing in the world. I wish I could cook though, that way I wouldn't have to leave my house. I know. I'm a bum, but I like my bed and would like to stay in it. Don't get me wrong, I'm a semi-active person. I have a dog (Tasso) and I have to walk him everyday, so I'm not bumming out all the time. I also play a bunch of video games since I grew up with an older brother and we'd play all the time. However, since school started I haven't played in forever; it saddens me.