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2019-2020 YEAR IN REVIEW

Our final Fulbright US Student Program tally is exciting: 16 recipients and two alternates (plus at least one other Temple recipient who applied "at large"). They represent seven Temple schools: Liberal Arts, Engineering, Education, Tyler, Klein, Public Health, and Fox. This is the largest cohort of Fulbright recipients ever, exceeding our previous record of 10. Congratulations to this impressive group of students and alumni, and thank you to the large community of Temple faculty and administrators who have supported the program.

Two of our undergraduates (Dylan Chirman in CST and Eva Dinino in Klein) were among the inaugural cohort of the Fulbright Canada Mitacs Globalink program, designed to support undergraduate research in Canada. Unfortunately, that program has been cancelled for the summer, but we still want to recognize Dylan's and Eva's accomplishment.

For the first time, two Temple students have won the Goldwater Scholarship in one cycle. Congratulations to Leah DeFlitch in CST, and Daniel Jovin in Engineering.

Unsuccessful in your first scholarship or fellowship application? Read the short post by Maggie Andresen, "Rejection as Opportunity," after winning the Fulbright on her third attempt.

Be sure to check out our list of graduate school plans at the end of the newsletter. Many students cite how applying for fellowships as an undergraduate helps them to articulate their trajectory and motivations better when they apply for graduate school, and this group of Temple students and alumni seems to make the case!

Questions? Contact Barbara Gorka, barbara.gorka@temple.edu in Fellowships Advising.


Congratulations to our Scholars, Alternates, and Honorable Mentions from the 2019-2020 Application Cycle!


  • Leah Deflitch, CST '21
  • Daniel Jovin, College of Engineering '21


  • Nicholas Carmack, CLA '20, Finalist

St. Andrew’s:

  • Zeinah Latefa, CLA ’21, Recipient
  • Samuel Hall, CLA '21, Alternate

Fulbright: Sixteen recipients and two alternates:

  • Maggie Andresen, Klein '17, Research Fulbright to Nigeria
  • Adam Brock, College of Engineering, ETA to Germany
  • Lucy Caffrey-Maffei, CLA '18, English Teaching Assistantship (ETA) to Spain
  • Nuo Ivy Chen, College of Engineering '20, Research Fulbright to Germany
  • Stephanie Cuomo, College of Education '20, ETA to Colombia
  • Janessa Hughes, College of Public Health, Research Fulbright to Jordan
  • Walter James, PhD Candidate in Political Science, Research Fulbright to Japan
  • Jacquelyn Kausch, College of Education '20, ETA to Greece
  • Thomas Kuklinski, CLA '20, Research Fulbright to China
  • Bonnie McClellan, CLA' 19, ETA to Germany
  • Claire McGlinchey, Klein '19, Graduate Degree Award to Ireland
  • Maeve Moran, CLA '20, Graduate Degree Award to the UK
  • Rachel Murphy, Tyler '20, ETA to Spain
  • Sam Nelson, CLA '20, ETA to Peru
  • Morgan Rowe, CLA '20, ETA to Bulgaria
  • Rachel Warner, CLA '20, ETA to South Korea
  • Oluwadara Tokunboh, Post Bac School of Public Health '20, ETA to Colombia (applied "at large")
  • Tara Faik, CLA '18, ETA to Jordan--Alternate
  • Navya Reddy, Fox '18, Fulbright Binational Internship Program to Mexico--Alternate

Marshall Scholarship:

  • Maggie Andresen, Klein '17, Alternate

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program: Five recipients and four honorable mentions

  • Owen Pearl, College of Engineering 4+1, '20
  • Hannah Assour, CST '20
  • Paul Gehret, College of Engineering '19
  • Lauren Jones, Alumni
  • Lillian Ham, CLA '18
  • Daniel Turner, CST '18. Honorable Mention
  • Kelsey Lucerne, CLA '18. Honorable Mention
  • Louis Graup, CST '16. Honorable Mention
  • Neil Chada, College of Engineering '19. Honorable Mention

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS): Three recipients and four alternates

*Although the program has been cancelled this summer, we want to recognize our recipients

  • Gabriella Duran, CLA '22 for Arabic
  • Veronica Vologina, CLA '22 for Turkish
  • Aria Middleton, CLA '21, for Chinese
  • Megan Jenkins, CLA '21 for Arabic. Alternate
  • Thomas Kuklinski, CLA '20, for Chinese. Alternate
  • Catherine Olson, CST '21 for Chinese. Alternate
  • Lauren Ruhnke, PhD student in Anthropology, CLA, for Hindi. Alternate

Fulbright Canada Mitacs Globalink Program

*Although the program has been cancelled this summer, we want to recognize our recipients. This was the inaugural cycle of this new Fulbright program that supports undergraduate research in Canada.

  • Eva Dinino, Klein '21
  • Dylan Chirman, CST '21

If you would like to learn more about these opportunities or get in touch with our past recipients, send us an email at feladv@temple.edu.

Rejection as Opportunity

I clutched my phone hard when the email hit my inbox. "Fulbright U.S. Student Program Selection Upgrade," it read. I tensed, stomach dropping and heart racing. I got the Fulbright! Then, I burst into tears. I wasn't crying for the months of hard work refining my research proposal, or even for the eleven days I spent in limbo as a program alternate. They were for the years of applications I had submitted prior: two unsuccessful Fulbright proposals, a Rhodes Scholarship submission that led me to the final interview stage, two Marshall Scholarship applications with one taking me to the final interview and ultimately an alternate title. I knew what it was to get close to a life-changing award: to sit in a room of elite professionals at the apex of their careers, eyes on me while I fought to prove why I was worthy of such an opportunity. Each ultimate rejection left me feeling dejected, but never defeated. It's easy to give up after coming so close, but I urge you to think of rejection as an opportunity - a gift even. A chance to refine your projects, your proposals, a chance to experience life more fully - which ultimately will elevate you and your application to victory. You know you are worth it, so keep fighting. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it.

Maggie Andresen

Klein 2017

Fulbright Research recipient to Nigeria 2020-2021

Graduate School Admissions for 2020-2021

Here are a few Fellowship Advising advisees past and present, and the great universities they will be attending in 2020-2021. Congratulations on your success!

  • Tyrell Mann-Barnes, CST '19, going to the University of Pennsylvania for his MPH
  • Adrienne Hines, CLA '19, going to Emory University for her Master's
  • Owen Pearl, College of Engineering 4+1 '20, NSF-GRFP Recipient in 2020, going to Carnegie Mellon University for his PhD
  • Sophia Yoo, College of Engineering '20, going to Princeton University for her PhD
  • Emma Krampe, College of Engineering '20, going to Politecnico di Milano in Italy for her Master's
  • Juan Serviano, CST '20, going to Yale University for his PhD
  • Hazim Hardeman, Klein '17 and Temple's first Rhodes Scholar, going to Harvard University for his PhD
  • Xavier Burke, CLA '15 and Fulbright Alumni, going to The New School in NYC for his Master's
  • Megan Maxwell, CLA '19 and Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Gaither Junior Fellow, and CLS Recipient, going to the University of Chicago for her PhD
  • Brooke Quinn, CST '20, NSF REU recipient, going to Brown University for her PhD
  • Aurora Trainor, College of Public Health '20 and Diamond Research Scholar, going to Columbia University for her MPH
  • Andrea Morales, CLA '20 and CARAS Scholar, going to Miami University in Ohio for her Master's
  • Grace Franklyn, CST '20, going to UNC-Chapel Hill for her PhD
  • Elliot Fix, College of Engineering '20, will continue at Temple to pursue his PhD
  • Amma Prociuk, CLA '17, Fulbright Alumni, going to Tulane to pursue her MBA

Interested in applying for any of these awards in the next cycle? Meet with Fellowships Advising now!

If you are interested in applying for any of the awards that require nomination or evaluation (like the Rhodes, Marshall, Mitchell, Fulbright, Goldwater, Truman, and Udall) in the next cycle and haven't met with Fellowships Advising yet, schedule an appointment through Handshake. Several of these fellowships have campus deadlines that are quickly approaching. We are conducting advising via Zoom, and our office works through the summer.

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