Tyler Vaughan

My theme is you only get out of life what you put into it

I have learned that life is not at all easy. You have to really work at it. The early years are important. School does not come easy to me and I have to work at it. When you get to the age when you have a job and a car and a place of your own that takes hand work and lots of responsibility. I have grown a lot in the past year. Reality has hit me kinda hard and I realize I have to work hard to be happy.

My Mom

My Mom is an Influence on me because when I am having trouble she is there for me. And also has my back most of the time. Also, helps me with homework.

My Cousin Hunter

My cousin Hunter has influenced me because he helps me with my homework. Also, when I need someone to talk to he is there for me. He supports me in what I want to do. Hunter is 22 and lives in West Des Moine.
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My Dad

My Dad has influenced me because he likes to get things done and fast. And now I do to. And he motivates me. He also helps me with homework a little.
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My neighbor Dave

Dave has influenced me because when I look outside he is always working or spending time with his kids. He is a dad with two kids. He is a great dad. He and his wife get along so well and that family is just a good family. I want to be happy like him and be a little like him personality wise. He is a great role model.
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The setting is present day. My setting is so important because the things in my everyday life affect what happens next. The way my story could be change with a different setting is It would be a lot more positive. Things would be more organized in my life.


The first thing in my plot is my parents tell me to work hard and do my best in everything I do. They expect me to be respectful and helpful. The 2nd big thing in my plot is my great grandma died. She was a big influence. She always wanted me to do my best. The whole family went over to her house for Easter. The 3rd big thing in my plot is my parents got a divorce. (Biggest change in my life)

I am moving from the house I have always lived in. They both tell me to work hard and do my best. Even though I go threw hard times I still need to keep moving on.

My climax

The climax of my story is the 3rd one. When my parents got divorced. This event contributed to the theme because no matter what happens don’t give up and keep working hard and stay focused. This is a good example of you only get out of life what you put into it.
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